Season 8, Episode 11

Dead or Alive Or

Daryl finds himself in bad company as his group heads to the Hilltop; Maggie makes difficult decisions at the Hilltop; Gabriel's faith is tested.

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Full Recap

A team of Saviors hunts for Gabriel and Dr. Carson in the woods.

Nearby, Daryl leads the Alexandrians through the woods en route to Hilltop.

Tara, still furious that Dwight has been allowed to live, unsuccessfully directs a walker at him. The group continues through the woods.

In an abandoned car, Gabriel struggles to read a map and is unable to help Dr. Carson find a route to Hilltop. Dr. Carson worries Gabriel’s infection damaged his optical nerve. Gabriel assures Dr. Carson that God will show them the way.

After performing a vision test, Dr. Carson concludes that Gabriel’s vision is, in fact, impaired. Gabriel hears a noise in the distance. They follow it to a cabin in the woods.

The Alexandrians catch their breath in the woods. Tara objects to sparing Dwight, but Daryl and Rosita insist they keep Dwight alive until the fight with Negan is over. His knowledge of the enemy is too useful.

Maggie walks the grounds of Hilltop.

Morgan and Henry guard the Savior prisoners at Hilltop. Henry asks Jared which of the Saviors killed his brother. Carol sends Henry away to stop him taking revenge. Morgan suggests they reveal Benjamin’s killer to Henry, but Carol reminds Morgan that Henry is just a boy.

Negan interrogates Eugene about Gabriel and Dr. Carson’s escape. Eugene wants to know what happened in Alexandria, prompting Negan to question Eugene’s feelings about his old friends. Negan tasks Eugene with overseeing a bullet factory.

Gabriel and Dr. Carson explore the abandoned cabin. Dr. Carson finds a walker tied to a bed and deduces the former inhabitant committed suicide.

Daryl, Rosita and Tara consult a map for a route that will lead them to Hilltop without running into Saviors. Dwight suggests they cut through the swamp since Negan deemed it too unsafe to send Saviors through. Tara and other Alexandrians caution Daryl against heeding Dwight’s advice, but Dwight insists he is trustworthy. Daryl decides they will travel through the swamp.

Dianne informs Maggie that they must cut rations by one third to survive the week. They will need to reduce their rations even more drastically if they feed the prisoners.

Gabriel suggests Dr. Carson look at the prescription bottles in the bedroom. Dr. Carson finds two bottles of antibiotics.

Daryl leads the Alexandrians to the swamp. He warns Dwight that even if his route gets them safely to Hilltop, they will still kill him.

Daryl, Rosita and several Alexandrians kill walkers in the swamp while Tara hangs back.

At Hilltop, Alden asks Maggie to reward well-behaved Saviors with shade and exercise. Instead, Maggie announces that she is cutting the Saviors’ rations for several days.

Meanwhile, the Alexandrians continue slaughtering walkers in the swamp. Rosita glances at Tara, who’s standing near Dwight.

Tara gives Dwight a knife and orders him to help kill walkers.

After giving him antibiotics, Dr. Carson tells Gabriel his fever has broken but that his vision won't recover. Gabriel explains that God will keep them safe. He accidentally knocks over a piggy bank. Dr. Carson finds car keys and a map to Hilltop inside. Gabriel believes this is a sign from God.

Tara guards Dwight as he kills walkers. He takes the opportunity to apologize for killing Denise, but Tara responds by shooting at him. Dwight runs for his life. Tara catches up but hides at the sound of approaching Saviors.

Gabriel and Dr. Carson walk to the garage. Dr. Carson steps in a bear trap and falls. He fires at approaching walkers, but misses. Gabriel finds a gun and blindly shoots a walker, saving Dr. Carson.

Tara and Dwight overhear the Saviors discuss cutting through the swamp in search of Gabriel and Dr. Carson. Dwight emerges from his hiding place and explains that he’s been trying to return to the Sanctuary. He asks about Laura (who knows of his betrayal) and learns that she never returned to the Sanctuary. Dwight leads the Saviors away from the swamp. Rosita finds Tara in the woods.

Daryl scolds Tara for running off and worries Dwight will betray their location to the Saviors. Tara insists that Dwight saved them and Rosita backs her up.

Gabriel and Dr. Carson find a Jeep in the garage but are discovered by Saviors before they can escape.

The Saviors haul Gabriel and Dr. Carson into a truck. While trying to grab a gun, Dr. Carson is shot dead. Gabriel weeps in despair, his hope crushed.

Daryl and the Alexandrians arrive at Hilltop. Daryl informs Carol, Maggie and Enid of Carl’s death. Shock sets in, and Enid bursts into tears.

Morgan, Carol and Henry guard the Savior prisoners. Morgan tells Henry that Gavin killed Benjamin.

Siddiq thanks Maggie for taking him in and offers to help out in the infirmary.

Eugene oversees operations at the bullet factory. Negan brings Gabriel to the shop and tells Eugene that Dr. Carson was the mastermind behind their escape. He suggests that Gabriel help with sorting bullet cases. Eugene informs Negan that it will be several days before he can build up their bullet supply. Noting Negan’s annoyance, Eugene suggests they catapult undead limbs and guts at Rick’s group.

Maggie tells the prisoners that she will allow them to leave the holding pen in pairs, starting with Alden and Gregory. Someone announces that Rick has arrived.

At the Sanctuary, Negan addresses the Saviors in the yard – Dwight is among them. Negan swings Lucille at a walker that’s chained nearby. He continues smothering the bat in the walker’s blood and guts as he explains that they’re going infect Rick’s group with walker blood.