Season 8, Episode 10

The Lost and the Plunderers

Groups unite their forces and converge on the Hilltop. Meanwhile, Aaron and Enid search for allies. Simon takes matters into his own hands.

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Full Recap

Michonne stares at Carl’s grave in Alexandria. Walkers approach and she dispatches them. Rick hangs Carl’s gun by the grave. He changes his mind and takes it back.

Michonne shuts the back gate to Alexandria. She slays walkers as they try to squeeze through.

Rick finds a walkie-talkie on the body of a dead Savior.

Finding Carl and Judith’s painted handprints on the front porch of their house, Michonne tears up. She goes inside to find Rick, who is stocking up on supplies.

Rick and Michonne load supplies into a van. Noticing that the gazebo is engulfed in flames, Michonne races over to extinguish the fire with Rick’s help. Unable to control the blaze and overwhelmed by walkers, they give up and drive away.

On the road, Rick wonders if Carl really meant for them to surrender to Negan. Michonne looks through Carl’s letters and is surprised to find a letter addressed to Negan. Rick tells Michonne they still need Jadis’ help.

Rick and Michonne enter the Heaps and trigger a booby trap that blocks the entrance. Walkers close in.

Meanwhile, back at the Sanctuary, Negan orders Simon to get the Scavengers back in line. Simon suggests they slaughter them for reneging on their deal. Negan forbids him from doing so, insisting he deliver the standard message -- killing only one person. He reminds Simon who’s in charge.

A group of Saviors deliver the coffin that Maggie left for Negan with the message, “We have 38 more. Stand down.” Negan and Simon pry open the coffin and kill the Walker Savior inside. Simon vows to kill everyone at the Hilltop, but Negan orders him to stay in line.

At Oceanside, Cyndie, Beatrice and Kathy handcuff Enid and Aaron to a radiator and go outside to discuss their fate. Enid says she had no choice but to kill Natania. Cyndie returns and announces that they will be allowed to live.

Cyndie, Beatrice and Kathy release Enid and Aaron in the woods. Cyndie forbids them from ever returning. After the Oceansiders leave, Aaron tells Enid to report back to Maggie while he stays behind and tries to convince  Oceanside to join the fight.

Simon rounds up his crew to deliver Negan's message to Jadis.

At the junkyard, Simon admonishes Jadis for allying herself with Rick. He offers to honor their prior agreement on the condition that Jadis apologizes for her betrayal and relinquishes all of the Scavengers’ guns and ammo. Jadis hands over the weapons but doesn’t apologize, insisting that when she arrived at the Sanctuary with Rick, she brought him as a prisoner.

Simon shoots Brion (one of Jadis’s lieutenants). Jadis punches Simon. In a rage, Simon kills Tamiel, too. Jadis hits Simon again. Simon orders his crew to kill the Scavengers.

Simon returns to the Sanctuary with the Scavengers’ weapons but lies to Negan and conceals the fact that he massacred the Scavengers. A Savior hands a walkie to Negan. It’s Rick.

Rick and Michonne fight the junkyard walkers then climb atop the trash heap, where Jadis is waiting alone. Jadis tears up as she explains that the Saviors killed all of her people. Rick blames Jadis for her situation and starts to leave with Michonne. Jadis begs to join them, but Rick turns her away.

Rick and Michonne fight walkers on their way out. Jadis again begs to join them. Rick fires in the air to keep her away.

Jadis makes noise to draw the undead Scavengers to a trash compactor. One by one, the walkers drop into the compactor, which grinds them into a bloody pulp. She cries as she watches Tamiel and Brion fall in.

Jadis eats a can of applesauce alone in the junkyard.

On the road, Rick insists he needed to send Jadis away. Michonne recalls Carl’s final words and points out that they had a choice. Rick pulls over and gets out of the car with Carl’s letters.

Rick reads Carl’s letter to Negan then uses the Savior walkie to contact him. He tells Negan that Carl is dead and that Carl wanted them to stop fighting. Negan laments Carl’s death but blames it on Rick. He urges Rick to stand down and stop getting his people killed. “Just give up,” he tells Rick, accusing him of failing as a leader and father.