Season 8, Episode 7

Time for After

Negan has to enlist the help of his lieutenants in solving a huge issue facing the Sanctuary; Rick and the group continue to enact the plan.

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Full Recap

Rick sits, imprisoned, in an empty shipping container. Stripped of all possessions save his boxer shorts, he waits in the dark. Suddenly, the doors swing open. Jadis stands outside, with a few of her guards, holding a large camera. She then takes full-body photos of Rick to use as reference images for her sculpture.

Eugene paces in his room, pressured by the need to save the Sanctuary and distracted by his newfound knowledge about Dwight.

Eugene confronts Dwight about his betrayal and offers to keep it secret from Negan, on the condition that Dwight stops helping Rick. Dwight orders Eugene to let Rick’s plan play out, warning him that he won’t be able to live with himself once he has blood on his hands. Eugene, unmoved by Dwight’s threat, refuses to listen.

On the catwalk above the factory floor, Eugene watches as walkers claw at the Sanctuary’s doors. Laura guesses that they have two days left to live.

Dr. Carson calls Eugene into the infirmary, where Gabriel is suffering from a severe infection, brought on by the walker guts he used as cover to sneak past the walkers in the courtyard. Dr. Carson asks Eugene to watch over Gabriel while he goes to the marketplace to look for herbs to make into medicine.

Gabriel regains consciousness and asks Eugene to help smuggle Dr. Carson from the Sanctuary to Hilltop, where he could help Maggie through her pregnancy. He beseeches Eugene to do the right thing when the time comes.

Morgan watches the Sanctuary through his binoculars. He spots Daryl approaching in a garbage truck and informs the other snipers, via walkie, that the vehicle is one of their own.

Tanya, one of Negan's wives, stops by Eugene’s apartment and asks if her boombox has been fixed. Eugene informs her that it’s still broken but asks for his payment, a bottle of wine, which he needs to help him sleep at night. Tanya tells Eugene he can’t sleep because he’s in line with the Saviors and accuses him of looking after himself when he had the chance to overthrow Negan. Laura appears at the door and summons Eugene to see Negan.

Daryl, Michonne, Rosita and Tara go over Daryl’s plan; they will ram the garbage truck into the Sanctuary wall, allowing walkers to flood inside, and overwhelm the Saviors. Morgan arrives, offering to help execute the plan. As they rehearse, Rosita worries that the plan is too risky and bows out, preferring to stick to Rick's original strategy.

Inside the Sanctuary, Negan meets with Eugene and reiterates that he’s counting on Eugene’s brainpower to resolve their predicament.

A short while later, Eugene gets to work as he carefully removes the speaker from Tanya’s boom box and goes in search of more materials; he heads to a storage room where he finds Sasha’s coffin and retrieves her iPod.

Meanwhile, Morgan watches from his lookout point as Daryl, Michonne and Tara drive the garbage truck toward the Sanctuary. He instructs them to cut the engine to avoid drawing the walkers.

Michonne backs out of Daryl’s plan at the last minute, feeling that it’s too risky. Daryl and Tara, however, continue to move forward.

Eugene rigs the iPod and speaker onto a glider and prepares to launch it from the Sanctuary rooftop. He describes his plan, step by step, speaking into a microphone and recording onto a tape recorder. Before he can start the iPod, he hears the sound of a gun being cocked back. Dwight orders him to stop.

Tara stations herself at the Sanctuary gate. The North, South, East and West snipers walkie Morgan, saying that they’re ready. Daryl drives the garbage truck closer to the Sanctuary.

On the rooftop, Dwight holds Eugene at gunpoint and orders him to back away from the iPod. Eugene insists that he’s trying to save the people inside the Sanctuary. Not knowing that Eugene’s tape player is still recording, Dwight explains that, if they follow Rick’s plan, everyone lives except for Negan. Eugene ignores Dwight, pressing the iPod’s play button and sending the glider, blaring music, over the walkers. Dwight shoots his gun, taking down the glider and foiling Eugene’s plan.

At that same moment, Daryl accelerates the garbage truck as Tara and the others fire at the snipers in the Sanctuary windows. Daryl places a cinder block on the gas pedal and jumps out right before the truck rams into the side of the building. Walkers immediately start pouring in. Inside, Saviors shoot at walkers on the factory floor while workers flee. Eugene watches the chaos from the catwalk, growing furious as he sees walkers devouring Sanctuary community members.

Eugene storms into the infirmary and heatedly declares to Gabriel that he won’t help Dr. Carson escape. He reiterates his allegiance to Negan before he leaves.

Eugene goes to Negan with a solution to replenish their ammo supply. Pleased with this new prospect, Negan praises Eugene, calling him the second-most important person at the Sanctuary. Eugene begins telling Negan about Dwight but is interrupted by the arrival of Negan’s lieutenants. Regina reports that the walkers have taken over the lower level but are trapped there for the time being. At the last minute, Eugene decides to keep Dwight’s secret.

Back in his room, Eugene guzzles wine to drown out the sounds of gunfire.

Back at the Heaps, a Scavenger takes Rick out of the shipping container and leads him outside. Scavengers gather around, watching as Rick is pitted against an armored walker. Jadis watches the fight. Rick, with hands still bound, takes control of the walker, slays several Scavengers, and takes Jadis hostage. Jadis signals the Scavengers to stand down and agrees to help Rick defeat Negan. Rick promises to give Jadis one-fourth of the loot from their victory.

Outside the Sanctuary walls, Rick leads Jadis and the Scavengers to the West lookout and finds the sniper dead. He radios the other snipers but gets no reply. He climbs the lookout tower and is shocked by what he sees:  mounds of dispatched walkers in the Sanctuary courtyard and no sign of the Saviors anywhere.