Season 8, Episode 4

Some Guy

A new weapon in the Savior arsenal proves to be a giant hurdle as fighting continues between Rick's forces and those of the Saviors.

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Full Recap

In a flashback, Ezekiel prepares for battle, transforming from a worn out man into a King.

The Kingdom fighters bid their families farewell. Ezekiel addresses his people; he vows to vanquish the Saviors and everyone cheers.

In the present, the Saviors have annihilated the Kingdom’s forces with the .50-caliber guns. The battlefield is littered with corpses. Ezekiel emerges from under a heap of Kingdom fighters who died protecting him. He screams.

The Kingdom fighters reanimate and begin closing in on Ezekiel. He crawls away and tries to stand but falls over, due to a leg injury. Alvaro arrives and kills several walkers; he helps Ezekiel to his feet.

Inside the chemical plant outpost, Saviors pack up the cache of .50-caliber rifles. Carol sneaks into a nearby room and overhears the Saviors’ plan to transport the guns.

Carol guns down the Saviors as they haul the guns outside. Another group of Saviors opens fire on her, she runs the other way. The Saviors prioritize transporting the weapons to the Sanctuary, allowing for Carol’s escape.

Back on the battlefield, Alvaro assists Ezekiel through the yard with walkers in pursuit. A Savior, Gunther, shoots Alvaro in the back and captures Ezekiel.

Gunther walks behind Ezekiel, keeping him at gunpoint; he confiscates the sword hidden in Ezekiel’s cane. Gunther reveals his plan to take Ezekiel to the Sanctuary.

Meanwhile, the Saviors load the rifles into an old military truck. Carol eavesdrops as they discuss their plan to bring the guns to the Sanctuary and liberate the trapped Saviors.

Gunther marches Ezekiel through the yard as walkers continue to pursue them. He bullies Ezekiel, calling him a con man who tricked his people into following him.

In the parking lot, Carol opens fire on the Saviors. She takes cover behind a truck as they fire back.

Ezekiel and Gunther hear the shootout between Carol and the Saviors. Ezekiel takes advantage of the momentary distraction and attempts to retrieve his sword from Gunther, slashing him in the process. Gunther knocks him down then hauls him back on his feet.

Meanwhile, the Saviors continue to fire at Carol.

Gunther tries, unsuccessfully, to open a locked chain-link fence. Deciding that Ezekiel is too burdensome, Gunther decides to kill him and bring his head back to the Sanctuary. Before Gunther can strike Ezekiel, Jerry rushes in and decimates him with his axe.

Carol formulates a plan after spotting a button that opens a nearby garage door. She emerges from behind a car, her arms up in surrender, and offers to give the Saviors details about another ambush that her people have planned.

Meanwhile, Jerry helps Ezekiel to his feet. Ezekiel implores Jerry not to call him “majesty” but Jerry ignores his request. Jerry hacks at the chains on the fence.

Yago, a Savior, asks Carol where her people are hiding. Carol moves quickly and takes a Savior hostage, holding him at knifepoint. With no regard for his own soldier, Yago resumes firing. Carol hits the garage door button and ducks for cover. A garage door opens behind the Saviors and walkers start flooding in.

Jerry hacks at the chains but gives up once the walkers reach them. He fights the walkers with Ezekiel’s help.

Carol grabs keys from a dead Savior as walkers continue pouring in, attacking Yago’s men.

Jerry and Ezekiel continue fighting the walkers at the fence, but they’re severely outnumbered.

Carol fires back at Yago and another Savior who are hiding behind a truck and are low on ammo. Just as she has them cornered, she sees the herd of walkers about to overcome Ezekiel and Jerry outside the fence. She has to decide between helping her friends and stopping the Saviors from taking the guns to the Sanctuary.

In a flashback, Ezekiel and Carol mobilize for their battle with the Saviors. Carol asks Ezekiel if he has fighting experience. Ezekiel insists that he’s been training and is ready to become a fighter. He has decided who he’s going to be.

Back in the present, Carol chooses to help Ezekiel and Jerry, thereby letting Yago escape. She guns down walkers outside the fence then unlocks the gate to let Ezekiel and Jerry inside. Meanwhile, the Saviors drive off with the guns. Carol hears Daryl’s motorcycle in the distance and predicts that the guns won’t reach the Sanctuary.

Daryl pursues Yago on his motorcycle while Rick follows in a Jeep. A Savior fires at them from the back of the truck. Daryl shoots the Savior dead. Rick drives up next to Yago’s truck and jumps in the front seat. He stabs Yago and the Jeep swerves off the road, crashing into an embankment. Daryl freezes, fearing for the worst, before Rick emerges; he jumped from the moving truck before it crashed.

Carol, Ezekiel and Jerry walk through the woods, fighting off walkers, but they keep coming. Ezekiel collapses and urges them to leave him behind, but they refuse.

Carol, Ezekiel and Jerry encounter a ravine filled with walkers. Ezekiel kills walkers with his sword and again urges Carol and Jerry to move on. He screams at Jerry not to call him “king” or “majesty.” “I’m just some guy,” he says. A loud roar is heard as Shiva attacks the walkers. She is quickly outnumbered, but provides enough time for Carol, Ezekiel and Jerry to cross the ravine. Ezekiel despairs as he watches the walkers devour Shiva.

Carol, Ezekiel and Jerry return to the Kingdom. Residents gather around but Ezekiel limps straight past the crowd in silence, completely defeated.