Season 8, Episode 3


Conflict with the Saviors leads to unintended consequences for the Hilltop, the Kingdom, and Alexandria; morality proves tricky in wartime.

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Full Recap

Gathered in a group, Ezekiel holds up the walkie talkie, found on an enemy lookout, for his soldiers to hear as transmitted voices make it clear the Saviors are expecting them. Even though they’re outnumbered, Ezekiel remains optimistic.

As Ezekiel leads a group of Kingdom warriors through the woods, they run into a band of Saviors. Outnumbered, Ezekiel and his people raise their arms in surrender. Carol leads a second team of soldiers in an ambush, slaughtering the unsuspecting Saviors.

In the Saviors’ office building outpost, Morales holds Rick at gunpoint. He observes that they have both changed since they last saw each other in Atlanta. He says that Negan commanded the Saviors to capture Rick, Maggie and Ezekiel and bring them in alive, as prizes.

Outside, Saviors receive Morales’ warning via walkie. They abandon the shootout against the Alexandrian forces and retreat inside. The Alexandrians follow them.

Away from the battle, Aaron leans Eric against a tree and examines his wound. Eric implores Aaron to leave him and help their people fight against the Saviors. Aaron reluctantly returns to combat.

Jesus and his group lead the captured Saviors down a highway as they head back to Hilltop. Morgan and Tara are at odds with Jesus for letting the Saviors live and endangering their group.

Rick tells Morales that Lori, Shane, Andrea and Glenn are dead; that Negan bashed Glenn’s head in, right in front of Maggie, his pregnant wife. Morales tells Rick that the Saviors rescued him after he lost his family and sanity. He insists that he and Rick are the same — men who are willing to do whatever it takes to survive — but Rick disagrees. Daryl slips into the room unnoticed and kills Morales with his crossbow. Rick informs Daryl that the guns they’re seeking are not in the building. They hear Saviors approaching.

Despite being held captive, Jared taunts Morgan about Benjamin’s death. Morgan spins around and aims his gun at Jared. Suddenly, walkers start tumbling down the hillside. A group of Saviors take advantage of the distraction and flee while their guards fight the walkers.

Morgan chases the Saviors into the woods and shoots one in the head without hesitation. Jesus stops him from killing the rest of the escapees. Morgan warns that the Saviors will never change and swings his staff at Jesus. They fight.

Ezekiel’s Knights overtake a Savior outpost at a chemical plant, killing everyone in a shootout. Ezekiel rallies his troops as they continue their Savior-killing crusade.

Rick and Daryl fire at Saviors in the hallway of the office building.

Jesus parries Morgan’s attacks and urges him to calm down.

Rick shoots at a fire extinguisher, releasing a cloud of smoke. Rick and Daryl use the cover to attack the Saviors. Rick hears Aaron and calls out, relaying his location.

Morgan and Jesus continue fighting in the woods. Morgan aims his stick at Jesus’ throat but lowers it when Tara and the others arrive. He admits that he’s not right but that he’s also not wrong. He grabs his rifle and leaves the group.

Gregory bangs on the Hilltop gate and pleads with Maggie to let him in; when she accuses him of betraying Hilltop, he admits he made a mistake. After begging for mercy, Maggie reluctantly lets Gregory in.

Jesus and Tara arrive at Hilltop with the captured Saviors; Maggie hesitates to let them in. Jesus suggests they lock the POWs in empty trailers with guards placed around the clock.

Rick, Daryl and the Alexandrians kill the remaining walkers at the office building outpost. Rick takes a picture of the carnage with an instant camera; he  writes a note on a piece of paper and folds it up.

Aaron returns to the tree where he left Eric but finds it empty. He sees a herd of walkers in the distance and cries when he spots Eric walking towards them, moving with the familiar gait of a walker. Another Alexandrian soldier keeps Aaron from going after Walker Eric.

Aaron sits in a daze as the Alexandrians prepare to leave the outpost. Rick emerges from the building holding the orphaned baby, Gracie. Aaron offers to take her to Hilltop.

Rick and Daryl load their vehicles as they prepare to leave the outpost. A lone Savior fires at them from behind a nearby tree, they take cover. Rick negotiates with the Savior; he promises to give the Savior a car in exchange for some information. The Savior comes out of hiding; Rick asks if M2 Brownings were ever stored in the office building. The Savior reveals that the weapons were transferred to Gavin’s outpost the previous day. Once they have the needed information, Daryl shoots the Savior in the head without a second thought.

At the chemical plant, Ezekiel's group surveys the aftermath of their attack. As Carol leaves to sweep the compound, unseen foes fire heavy machine guns at the Knights. The Kingdom soldiers leap in front of Ezekiel to protect him, getting shredded in the crossfire.