Season 8, Episode 2

The Damned

The plan involving Alexandrians, Kingdommers and Hilltoppers unfolds. As Rick continues to fight, he encounters a familiar face.

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Full Recap

Mara, a high-ranking Savior, oversees work in the courtyard of a Sanctuary outpost. She calls the compound lookouts via walkie, but gets no response; she orders an immediate lockdown. Aaron and a team of Alexandrians arrive in their retrofitted cars and open fire on the Saviors.

Jesus, Morgan, Tara, Dianne and a group of soldiers review their plan of attack outside a Savior satellite station, which is protected by a moat of walkers. They advance, preparing to take out the guards.

Carol, Ezekiel and the King's army recover from a grenade explosion outside an industrial building. They kill a herd of walkers then realize that the Savior who caused the explosion escaped and is heading to the nearest outpost. Ezekiel orders his team to track down the fugitive.

Carol points out that once the escapee reaches the outpost, they will be discovered and outnumbered; Ezekiel is confident they will succeed.

Aaron’s group continues their assault on the Saviors, while Rick and Daryl sneak into the adjacent office building in search of a crucial gun cache that Dwight tipped them off about.

At the satellite station, Morgan shakes the perimeter fence to draw the moat walkers and clear a path for Dianne’s shot. The guards spot him and aim their guns, but Dianne kills them just in time.

Tara and Jesus slip inside the satellite station and quietly gun down Saviors in the hallway. As Morgan, Dianne and the rest of the group stealthily follow, Saviors can be heard in the nearby rooms.

Rick and Daryl look for the guns, following Dwight’s handwritten instructions.

Mara observes that the Alexandrians are not advancing and orders her team to go on the offensive. Meanwhile, Aaron reminds the

Alexandrians to keep the Saviors pinned to one spot.

In the hallways of the satellite station, Jesus and his group quietly get into position outside a series of closed doors, weapons ready.

In the outpost courtyard, Eric sees that Francine is in trouble and tries to help her.

On Jesus’ signal, the group members simultaneously kick the doors open and kill the Saviors inside each room.

Outside, Eric makes his way toward Francine in the middle of the shootout.

Inside the satellite station, Saviors shoot at Morgan and two Hilltoppers.

Daryl and Rick climb an elevator shaft to reach the second floor of the office building. Daryl starts to doubt Dwight’s intel. They split up to cover faster ground.

Tara and Jesus find a Savior, Dean, hiding in a closet. Dean raises his hands to show he means no harm. Jesus refuses to shoot a man who has surrendered.

Dianne’s group fires at Saviors in the hallway. Meanwhile, Dean pleads his case, insisting that the Saviors forced him to work for them. He attacks Jesus, takes his weapon and takes him hostage. Jesus quickly regains control, overpowers Dean and takes him prisoner, despite Tara’s insistence on killing their traitorous captive.

The group retreats from the building. Moments later, Morgan gets up from the floor, where he played dead while the Saviors made their way past him. He gathers guns from the dead Hilltoppers.

The Alexandrians continue their assault in the outpost courtyard until the dead Saviors begin to reanimate. Mara realizes that the Alexandrians were intentionally drawing out the battle to give time for the dead Saviors to turn. Her realization is too late, and an undead Savior rises and devours her.

Carol and the Kingdommers track the fugitive through the woods. They find traces of the fugitive’s blood and conclude that he’s injured. They continue, Ezekiel’s confidence unwavering.

In the office building, Rick opens the door to a nicely decorated bedroom. Caught off guard, a Savior tackles him. They fight until Rick gets the upper hand and impales the Savior.

Morgan goes on a killing rampage through the satellite station. In a flashback, Morgan remembers questioning whether they can beat the Saviors and Rick insisting that their group is more than capable.

Jesus and his group wait outside a door behind the satellite station. Jesus predicts that the Saviors will surrender and orders his group to fire only if the Saviors fire first. Tara disagrees with Jesus; she wants to kill the Saviors. A Savior opens the door and drops his weapon on Jesus’ command. The other Saviors follow suit. Tara reluctantly agrees to take them as prisoners.

Morgan continues his killing rampage. He emerges from the building and finds the Saviors surrendering. In a flashback, Morgan remembers arguing against killing Saviors and Rick insisting they must all die.
Jared, the Savior who killed Benjamin, recognizes Morgan. Morgan is about to shoot Jared, but Jesus stops him and insists that killing is not what they do. A Hilltopper takes a picture of the scene with an instant camera.

In the bedroom, Rick grabs keys from the dead Savior’s pocket and opens a locked door. Inside, he finds the dead man’s baby, Gracie, sleeping in a crib. He catches sight of his reflection in a mirror and is shocked by what he sees.

The Kingdommers find the fugitive in the woods. Carol takes aim, but Shiva mauls him before she can shoot.

Francine gets shot during the courtyard crossfire. Aaron sees Saviors closing in on Eric and uses a car to get to him, hitting Saviors on the way. He sees that Eric is wounded.

Carol and the Kingdommers hear a voice on the fugitive’s walkie and realize that the Saviors have been alerted to their arrival. Ezekiel refuses to give up and holds his sword high to rally his fighters.

Rick continues looking for the guns. He’s caught off guard and a Savior corners him at gunpoint. Rick recognizes him as Morales, a survivor he met in Atlanta, early in the outbreak. Morales cocks his gun and says the Saviors are on their way, “It’s over, Rick.”