Season 4, Episode 7

Dead Weight

A new and scary chapter is unfolding at a camp outside the prison. Will peace be attainable with the addition of new members?

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Martinez helps the Governor and Meghan climb out of the walker pit. Nearby, his men guard Lilly and Tara. Martinez welcomes the group into his camp under two conditions: Martinez is in charge, and everyone contributes. "No dead weight," he emphasizes.

At Martinez's camp, the Governor washes clothes while Meghan studies a chess board. "You can't think forever," he tells her. "Sooner or later you've got to make your move."

In their shared trailer, the Governor tells Lilly that he's going on a supply run. He apologizes for the state of Martinez's camp. "This camp is good, we'll make it better," she reassures him.

The Governor hikes through the forest with Martinez and two brothers — Pete and Mitch. Martinez says they're looking for a cabin that is rumored to be stocked with supplies. The Governor spots a headless body tied to a tree. "Liar," reads a sign pinned to its chest.

Back at camp, Lilly treats a cut on Alisha, one of the camp members. Tara and Alisha flirt with each other.

Meanwhile, Martinez and his crew find another headless body on their way to the cabin. When they arrive, they find the owner dead on the porch, a "Murderer" sign pinned to his chest. Inside, they're attacked by two walkers — both of which the Governor brutally kills with a flashlight.

That night at the cabin, Martinez tells the Governor he only allowed him into the camp because he had Meghan with him. He asks if the Governor is a changed man. "I am," the Governor replies.

Over beers, Mitch explains that he and Pete were in the Army before the apocalypse. When asked what he did after the fall, the Governor simply says, "I survived."

Later at camp, the Governor's group and Martinez share food and beer obtained from the supply run. As Martinez reminisces about Woodbury, Lilly remarks that the Governor never talks about his time there.

After dinner, the Governor is trying to fix a leaky roof in his trailer when a slightly tipsy Martinez knocks on the door. "Got a surprise for you," he says.

Martinez hits golf balls from the roof of his trailer while the Governor caddies. Martinez comments that "there are some things you just can't come back from," an allusion to the Woodbury massacre.

The Governor asks Martinez if he'll be able to keep the camp safe. Martinez says he's trying and expresses hope that they can "share the crown."

The Governor suddenly slams Martinez in the head with a golf club. He then drags Martinez to a nearby pit of walkers and holds him down as walkers devour him.

Lilly and Meghan find the Governor crying in their trailer. He says he had a bad dream.

The next morning, Mitch tells the camp that Martinez got drunk and fell into a walker pit. Pete announces that he will take over for the time being.

While hunting in the forest, Pete, Mitch and the Governor spot a small camp of people. Mitch suggests they raid the camp for supplies but Pete refuses. The Governor says nothing.

Later, the Governor discovers that the camp has been raided and everyone in it murdered. Mitch angrily points out they could have gotten the supplies first had Pete not stopped them.

The Governor rushes to his trailer and orders Lilly and Meghan to pack, deeming the camp unsafe.

That night, the Governor, Lilly, Megan, Tara and Alisha try to flee the camp by car. They come to a halt when they reach a mud pit filled with walkers. Staring at the writhing mass, the Governor decides to turn back.

The next morning, the Governor adjusts his holster. Lilly asks what he's doing. "Surviving," he says.

The Governor enters Pete's trailer and stabs Pete to death. He then goes to Mitch's trailer and announces that Pete is dead and he plans to take leadership over the camp. He invites Mitch to join him, condemning "men like your brother, always doing the right thing, even at the cost of their own people."

The Governor chains Pete's leg to an anchor and throws his body into a nearby pond.

The Governor later presides over the camp as survivors begin fortifying the grounds. He instructs everyone to report back to him if they encounter any strangers.

That night, the Governor pores over a map. He suggests to Lilly that they could have a better camp if they were willing to fight for it, but Lilly insists they're fine where they are.

The next day, Meghan and Tara play tag outside. Meghan screams as a walker leaps out from behind hanging laundry. The Governor rushes to Meghan's aid and kills the walker just before it can bite her.

Afterwards, the Governor stands at the edge of the pond and glares at Pete, now a walker struggling against its anchor to reach the surface of the water.

The Governor drives in the forest. He pulls over and stares through the treeline at Rick and Carl as they tend the prison garden. He then watches Hershel and Michonne chatting nearby as they unload walker bodies outside the fence. He cocks his gun and aims at them.