Season 3, Episode 12


Realizing they are heavily outgunned against the Governor's forces, Rick leads an expedition to get more weapons.

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Full Recap

Michonne, Rick and Carl drive down a deserted road, speeding past a lone hitchhiker who begs them to stop.

They approach a pileup of wrecked cars. Michonne maneuvers onto the shoulder and the car gets stuck in mud. As Rick tries to free the wheel, Carl privately expresses reservations about Michonne. "For right now, we have the same problems, so maybe we can work on them together," Rick reasons.

They free the car just as the hitchhiker catches up to them. Ignoring the stranger's pleas, Rick orders Michonne to drive on.

Later, they enter Rick's old police station and find the weapons locker completely emptied out. Rick suggests they visit nearby bars and liquor stores, whose owners kept guns under the counter.

They reach a street filled with booby traps and watch as a walker tangles itself in wire. A masked man shoots the walker from a nearby rooftop then orders Rick and the others to drop their guns. Rick returns fire and a shootout ensues. As the man approaches Rick on the street, Carl pops out of a storefront and shoots him. The man, wearing body armor, falls unconscious: It's Morgan.

Rick and Michonne carry Morgan into his apartment and lay him down on a cot. The room is fully stocked with weapons. Michonne and Carl begin packing up the guns, but Rick refuses to leave until Morgan wakes up.

In an adjacent room, Carl studies a hand-drawn map of the town. Morgan has scrawled the words "Burnt out" over Rick's house. Carl declares that he's going to fetch a crib from a nearby baby store. Rick allows him to go on the condition that Michonne accompanies him.

Outside, Carl tries to ditch Michonne. She chases him down and notes that he passed the baby store. "I'm getting Judith something else first," he declares.

Morgan wakes up and quietly pulls a knife stashed underneath the cot. He lunges at Rick and the two struggle. "You saved my life, Morgan, you know me," Rick screams. "I don't know anyone anymore!" Morgan says, stabbing Rick in the shoulder. Rick points his gun at Morgan, who begs for death.

Outside, a walker impales itself on Morgan's wooden stakes as it tries to get at a caged mouse.

Rick jogs Morgan's memory recalling the walkie-talkies they used to try to communicate with each other. Morgan says he tried to reach Rick, but Rick was never there.

"We kept getting pushed back deeper into the country," Rick explains. "I swear to God I didnít have a choice." Morgan recounts being unable to kill his undead wife, and that indecision leading to her tearing apart his son Duane. "The weak people," he laments, "we have inherited the earth."

Meanwhile, Carl tries to enter a cafe but Michonne holds him back. "You can't stop me," he says. "I can't stop you," she agrees, "but you can't stop me from helping you."

Michonne and Carl roll Morgan's mouse cages through the cafe's front door to draw walkers away. They sneak inside and Carl removes a framed photo from the wall. They're soon surrounded by walkers, however, and Carl is forced to drop the photo as they fight their way out.

Distraught, Carl insists on going back inside. Michonne orders him to stay put and retrieves the photo by herself: It's a picture of Rick, Lori and Carl. "I just thought Judith should know what her mom looked like," Carl says, thanking Michonne.

Rick urges Morgan to join them at the prison. Morgan refuses, saying he doesn't want to watch everyone die. "You will be torn apart by teeth or bullets," Morgan warns, telling Rick to take the guns.

Michonne and Carl return with the crib. Carl apologizes to Morgan for shooting him. Morgan tells Carl to never be sorry.

Rick privately asks Carl how things fared with Michonne. "I think she might be one of us," Carl says.

As Michonne loads the trunk with guns and ammo, she tells Rick that she knows he sees dead people. "I used to talk to my dead boyfriend," she confides. "It happens."

As they drive back to the prison, they pass the torn apart corpse of the hitchhiker. They pull over to pick up his backpack, then continue on.