Season 3, Episode 2


After a traumatic event, a life hangs in the balance. Complicating matters, the group must also deal with a potential threat to their new surroundings.

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Full Recap

In the cafeteria, Daryl trains his crossbow on the prisoners while Glenn searches the kitchen for medical supplies. The group lifts Hershel onto a metal table and wheels him out. The prisoners stare in horror at Hershel's severed leg on the floor.

Daryl fends off walkers as the group rushes Hershel through the prison hallways. They reach their cell block and transfer Hershel to his bunk, where Rick orders Glenn to stay by Hershel's side. "If he dies, you need to be here for that," he says.

Daryl, T-Dog and Rick stop the prisoners from entering the cell block and learn the men have been locked in the cafeteria for 10 months, waiting for rescue. "There's no government, no hospital, no police," Rick informs them. "It's all gone."

Rick takes the prisoners outside to witness the aftermath of their walker assault. One of the prisoners, Tomas, tries to reclaim the prison, asserting, "We were here first."

"We took out these walkers; this prison is ours," Rick counters, but he eventually agrees to help clear out another cell block for the prisoners in exchange for half of the prison food rations.

Carol and Lori dress Hershel's bloody stump, wishing they had more medical supplies and wondering aloud about Lori's impending childbirth, should Hershel not recover.

Tomas takes Rick, Daryl and T-Dog to the pantry, which is well-stocked with food.

Back in the cell block, Glenn comforts Maggie, who's worried about Hershel's chances of survival with only one leg. "He can't even walk," she cries. "All we do is run."

Maggie joins Beth and says there's a good chance their father won't wake up, but Beth remains optimistic.

Rick and T-Dog return to the cell block with sacks of food. Lori says Hershel isn't feverish but still has labored breathing and a low pulse. Rick instructs Glenn to handcuff Hershel, just in case.

Rick tells Lori about the plan to clear out another cell block for the prisoners, though he wonders if he should just kill them. "If that's what you think is best," Lori says.

Afterward, Daryl and Rick instruct the prisoners on how to fight walkers. "Just remember to go for the brain," says Rick.

Meanwhile, Maggie sits with an unconscious Hershel and urges him to let go. "You don't have to fight any more," she sobs. "Thank you, for everything."

Moving down a dark hallway, Rick and the prisoners encounter their first group of walkers. The prisoners charge forward, punching and stabbing the walkers in the chest. Rick and Daryl look on incredulously.

In Hershel's cell, Carl triumphantly presents a duffel bag filled with medical supplies from the infirmary. "You went by yourself? Are you crazy?" Lori chastises. "No big deal, I killed two walkers," Carl counters.

As they continue down the hallway, Rick instructs the prisoners to "Stay in tight formation. No more prison riot crap." As the group fights a second wave, a burly prisoner, Big Tiny, attempts to retreat and gets gouged by a walker.

Carol wraps Hershel's leg in a fresh bandage, then asks for Glenn's help with something. Lori tells Glenn to go ahead; she and Maggie can look after Hershel.

In the hallway, Big Tiny assures the group his wound is not severe, but Rick insists there's no way to save him. As they debate what to do, Tomas suddenly bashes Big Tiny's skull with a crowbar. Blood splatters everywhere as he continues to hack away.

In the prison yard, Carol tells Glenn she needs a female cadaver so she can practice for Lori's likely C-section. She drives a rod through a female walker's face and, with Glenn's help, retrieves the body.

Rick and the others reach the new cell block. Ignoring Rick's instructions to open only one door and control the flow of walkers, Tomas opens both and a blood bath ensues. During the melee, Tomas pushes a walker on top of Rick, but Daryl quickly intervenes to save his life.

After the walkers are dispatched, Tomas insists his move against Rick was just self-defense, claiming, "S—— happens." Rick smiles and agrees, then drives his machete into Tomas's skull.

Enraged by Tomas's murder, another prisoner, Andrew, swings a bat at Rick but soon flees. The remaining prisoners, Oscar and Axel, stay behind.

Rick chases Andrew into the prison yard, where the prisoner is soon surrounded by walkers. Rick locks him outside and warns, "You'd better run."

Meanwhile, Hershel stops breathing and Lori performs CPR on him. Coming to, he suddenly grabs Lori's head. Carl readies his gun, but Hershel passes out again.

Axel insists he and Oscar were not allied with Tomas. Rick shoves them into the new cell block, which is littered with corpses. "You just gonna leave us in here?" asks Oscar. "Take it or leave it," Rick says. "That was the deal."

Rick returns to his group's cell block just as Hershel is waking up. Rick uncuffs him and shakes his hand as Beth cries with joy.

Outside, Carol cuts into a female walker's abdomen while, unbeknownst to her, someone watches from afar.

Rick joins Lori on the prison catwalk and credits her for saving Hershel's life. Lori says she had hoped he'd come to talk about their relationship. Rick puts his hand on her shoulder. "We're awful grateful for what you did," he says, walking away. Lori tearfully rests her cheek where his hand lay.