Season 2, Episode 9


Trapped, Rick, Hershel and Glenn fight to survive against new foes, both dead and alive. Shane finds Lori in danger on the road and makes it his mission to bring her back to the farm.

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Full Recap

Moments after her crash, Lori lies unconscious in her overturned car. Outside, a walker claws at the broken windshield.

At the bar, Rick, Hershel and Glenn stare at Dave and Tony's lifeless bodies. After taking their weapons, the survivors head for the exit but are halted by the sound of an approaching car outside.

As they crouch in the bar, two men begin calling for Dave and Tony.

Meanwhile, Lori wakes to find the walker forcing its head through a hole in the windshield. As the walker grabs her, Lori breaks a lever off the steering column and stabs it in the eye.

She exits the car, only to be attacked by a second walker, which she dispatches with a gunshot to the head.

At the farmhouse, the survivors sit down to dinner. When Shane realizes Lori is missing, he immediately goes after her.

In town, the survivors are still hiding when one of the men tries to enter the bar. Glenn dives in front of the door to block him.

"We don't want any trouble," the man shouts. "We're just looking for our friends."

"They drew on us," Rick replies, admitting that Dave and Tony are dead.

The men open fire. Rick shoots back as Hershel and Glenn retreat into the bar.

Carol seeks out Daryl, who's set up camp far away from the others, and tells him Lori is missing. Daryl admits Lori came to him for help, and that he turned her away. "Don't do this," Carol pleads, concerned about his withdrawal from the group. "I've already lost my girl."

At the bar, Rick tries to reason with the gunmen in between shots. Glenn, meanwhile, runs to the back store room, where men are trying to enter through the alley. He fires, scaring them away.

Hershel joins Glenn with orders from Rick: Glenn should try for the car while Hershel covers him.

As Glenn exits to the alley, a man emerges from behind and shoots at Glenn, causing him to dive behind a dumpster. Hershel fires back and the man falls to the ground writhing.

Rick arrives and checks on Glenn, who is unhurt but paralyzed by fear.

Meanwhile, the gunmen mobilize, telling one of their crew stationed on an adjacent roof that they're leaving before walkers arrive.

The man, Randall, jumps from the roof and impales his leg on a fence. The others drive off, abandoning him.

While Rick runs to inspect Randall, walkers approach and feast on the man Hershel shot. Horrified, Hershel flees the scene.

Hershel and Glenn approach Rick, who wants to save Randall. Hershel advocates leaving him there or euthanizing him. Glenn suggests amputation.

Rick and Hershel prepare to cut Randall's leg free as Glenn fires at approaching walkers. When it's clear they're being overrun, Rick rips a screaming Randall's leg off the fence.

Meanwhile, Shane drives up to Lori, who's wandering down a road. He urges her to return to the farm, but she insists on finding Rick. "He's back," Shane lies.

Back at the farm, Carol again pleads with Daryl not to pull away from the group. "If you spent half your time mindin' your daughter's business instead of stickin' your nose in everybody else's, she'd still be alive," Daryl retorts.

"All you had to do was keep an eye on her!" Daryl rages. Carol steels herself, but Daryl stops short of hitting her.

When Lori and Shane return to the farm, Lori realizes Shane's deception. "I had to get you back here," Shane reasons. "I gotta make sure the baby's alright."

"You're having a baby?" Carl interjects. Lori stares angrily at Shane.

Later, Carl quizzes Lori about the baby: He wants to know if it's a boy or girl. "If the baby's a girl," Carl asks, "Can we name her Sophia?"

Shane enters and asks to speak to Lori. Dale and Andrea reluctantly leave.

Alone, Shane tries to warn Lori about going off on her own. She retorts that Rick, not Shane, keeps her safe, and asks Shane what happened with Otis.

"What happened with Otis happened because I love you," Shane says.

"I told Rick," Lori says, referring to her affair with Shane.

"Did you tell him it was a mistake?" Shane asks. Lori nods.

"That ain't true," Shane says. "What we had, it was real."

The next morning, Shane, Andrea and Daryl are preparing to go after Rick when Hershel's car approaches. Randall is seated in the back, blindfolded.

"We couldn't just leave him behind," Rick tells the group. Andrea asks what they should do with him. Rick says that when he heals, they can drive him away from the farm and let him go.

Shane thinks Randall is a threat: He could lead the others back to the farm, or they could come looking for him. Hershel warns Shane to keep his mouth shut. Fuming, Shane storms out of the house.

Maggie, meanwhile, pulls Glenn aside. Glenn admits to having been scared during the shootout, and blames Maggie: "I thought of you," he explains, "and I couldnít take it so I hid." Maggie tries to kiss him, but he demurs.

Outside, Andrea tells Shane she agrees with him about Randall. "You ever consider a lighter touch?" she asks. He makes all the right calls, she says, but he also pushes people away. Shane counters that he and Andrea are the odd men out. "I should have left with you when I had the chance," he says.

Rick and Lori undress in their tent. Lori tells Rick that Shane thinks the baby is his. "He's delusional and he's dangerous," she says, mentioning Otis.

Rick counters that Shane would do anything to save Lori and Carl, as would Rick.

Lori embraces Rick. "You killed the living to protect what's yours," she says. "Shane thinks I'm his. He thinks the baby is his, and he says you can't protect us.

"He's dangerous, Rick."