Season 2, Episode 8


Rick and the others try to restore order in the aftermath of a terrible discovery. Hershel takes up an old habit and disappears, Rick and Glenn must follow him into town.

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Full Recap

Rick lowers his pistol after the barn walker massacre, having just shot Sophia in the head. The others stare in shock at the aftermath.

Beth runs to the walker who used to be her mother. As she rolls the walker over, it grabs at her until Andrea puts it down with a pickaxe.

Walking back to the house, Shane screams at Hershel for keeping Sophia's whereabouts a secret. "I didn't know," Hershel claims, speculating that Otis put her in the barn before his death. As he walks inside, Hershel orders Rick's people to leave the farm.

Alone, Rick chastises Shane for starting an insurrection. "I was handling it," Rick insists. Shane counters that Rick's quest to save Sophia was pointless and dangerous. "You're just as delusional as that guy," Shane says.

In the RV, Daryl quietly sits vigil with Carol.

Glenn asks Maggie if she knew about Sophia. Maybe this is for the best, he later remarks: "At least we know, and now we can move on."

At the barn, Carl sits with Lori, lamenting that he wasn't able to find Sophia alive. Still, Carl says, Rick was right to shoot her. "I would have done it, too," he says.

Rick arrives and the survivors make a plan: They'll dig graves for Sophia and Hershel's wife and step-son, and burn the others.

As the group mobilizes, Rick confides in Lori about his guilt over Sophia. "People are countin' on me and I've been chasin' a ghost in the forest," he says.

Shane spots Dale eyeing him as he readies Otis's truck to haul bodies. He mocks Dale for being a "moral authority" and insists he acted to protect the group — which is more than Dale's done.

When it's time for Sophia's funeral, Carol won't leave the RV. "That's not my little girl," she explains. "Sophia died a long time ago." Daryl angrily storms out.

Meanwhile, Hershel packs his wife's possessions in cardboard boxes. When he's finished, he pulls an empty flask from his dresser.

The survivors stand in silence around three fresh graves, and slowly walk away one by one.

Later, Andrea and T-Dog pile corpses into Otis's truck, arguing with Dale that Shane was right to open the barn. Rick backs up Dale, but Lori shuts down the conversation: "It's done. There's nothin' we can do about it."

Back at the farmhouse, Maggie asks Glenn if he would stay if the rest of his group were to leave. Before Glenn can answer, Beth collapses in the kitchen.

Lori theorizes Beth is in shock, but Hershel is nowhere to be found.

They search Hershel's room and find the flask. Maggie explains he gave up drinking when she was born. Rick asks for directions to the local bar.

Glenn offers to go with Rick, but Shane and Lori try to convince Rick to stay. Rick needs to be there for Carl, she argues, not solving other peoples' problems.

"We need Hershel for the baby," Rick says. "I'm going after him."

Later, Shane is washing up at a water pump when Carol emerges from the forest, muddy and scratched. Shane cleans her cuts and apologizes for what happened to Sophia. "I was just tryin' to keep everybody safe," he says.

Meanwhile, Dale tries to warn Lori about Shane. When Lori brushes it off, Dale presses: "I think he killed Otis," he says. And sooner or later he'll kill somebody else.

En route to town, Glenn confides to Rick that Maggie told him she loved him, but he didn't say it back. Rick advises he embrace the opportunity.

Back at the farm, Beth's condition has worsened. Lori asks Daryl to go after Rick and Hershel, but he snaps, "I'm done lookin' for people."

Rick finds Hershel sitting at the bar and tells him about Beth. Hershel reflects that Beth needs to mourn for her mother — something he robbed her of by insisting she was just sick. "I was a fool, Rick," he says, pouring another drink.

Meanwhile, Lori takes Maggie's car and heads out alone after Rick. While distracted reading a map, she hits a walker and the car rolls onto the side of the road.

Back at the bar, Hershel continues to pontificate on his foolishness. Sophia's death was proof there's no hope, he says.

"Nothing has changed," Rick argues. Death is death, and people are counting on them to give them a reason to go on.

Hershel is ready to concede when two men enter the bar — one a heavyset man in a golf cap named Tony; the other in a sleeveless t-shirt and named Dave.

As the five share drinks, Dave explains they came from a devastated Philadelphia. They tried going to a supposed refugee camp in D.C., but the roads were blocked. Ft. Benning, too, is overrun.

Dave explains they've heard rumors of trains bringing people to Nebraska, which has a small, heavily armed population. But, Dave jokes, "There's a reason they call them flyover states."

Dave begins probing Rick and Hershel about where they're living, deducing they have a secluded farmhouse.

Tensions rise as Dave insists Rick lead them to the farm. "That's not gonna happen," Rick says. Tony threatens to shoot Rick and take the farm, but Dave diffuses the tension, offering to pour another drink.

Tony moves in behind Rick as Dave tries to reason with him. "We can't stay out there," Dave says. "What do you suggest we do?"

"I hear Nebraska is nice," Rick replies.

Dave grabs his gun, but Rick beats him to the draw and shoots Dave in the head. Then he spins around, firing two rounds into Tony before he can aim his gun. As Tony falls to the floor, Rick shoots him in the head.

Back at the farmhouse, Shane, T-Dog and Andrea ignite the pile of walker bodies and watch them burn.