Season 2, Episode 7

Pretty Much Dead Already

Hershel sets a deadline. All secrets are out in the open. Glenn stands up for himself and Shane takes charge.

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Full Recap

During breakfast at the camp, Dale urges Glenn to make an announcement while Maggie looks on sternly from the porch. "The barn's full of walkers," Glenn finally says.

The survivors inspect the structure. Shane is furious, but Rick reminds him that they're guests on Hershel's property.

"We've gotta make things right or we just gotta go," Shane says. Rick explains they can't leave without Sophia, which sets the group to arguing: Shane believes Sophia is long gone; Daryl is furious that Shane would give up.

Rick agrees the barn needs to be cleared, but insists on getting Hershel's blessing. Dale chimes in, explaining Hershel's view that walkers are just sick people. As the group argues, walkers pound against the barn doors.

Afterward, Glenn tries to talk to Maggie, who breaks an egg over his head.

Meanwhile, Carl does schoolwork with Lori. "I'm not leaving" until we find Sophia, Carl says. "She's gonna like it here."

In the stables, Daryl prepares to saddle a horse. Carol stops him: They don't know if Sophia's still alive, and Carol doesn't want him to get hurt again. "I can't lose you too," she cries.

"Stupid bitch," Daryl mutters as he storms off.

In the RV, Andrea is arming herself. She informs Dale she's keeping watch at the barn — Shane's orders. Dale tries to warn Andrea about Shane, but she brushes it off. Dale asks if she wants to be like Shane. "He's not a victim," Andrea responds.

After Andrea leaves, Dale asks Glenn — whoís keeping watch atop the RV — to fetch him some water.

Rick interrupts Herhsel's lunch to discuss the barn. Hershel dismisses his concerns, then demands that the group leave by the end of the week.

Rick admits he and Hershel have differing views on walkers, but insists that if Hershel sends his people away they'll die. "This farm is special," Rick says. The outside world is much worse.

"My wife's pregnant," Rick begs. "That's either a gift here, or a death sentence out there."

Afterward Rick finds Shane brooding by the barn. Shane repeats that if they're not going to clear the barn, they have to leave. The two argue until Rick finally blurts out that Lori is pregnant.

"We need our guns," says Shane, shocked. As Rick leaves, Shane congratulates him.

Back in the house, Maggie confronts Hershel about making the others leave, quoting scripture. "Love one another as I have loved you," she says.

Jimmy interrupts: "It happened again," he tells Hershel. Soon after, Hershel asks Rick to follow him into the swamp.

Shane confronts Lori, telling her Rick isn't strong enough to keep her and Carl safe. "You know it's mine," he says of the baby. "Even if it's yours it's not going to be yours," Lori responds.

Shane storms away, but Carl stops him: The group needs to stay until they find Sophia, Carl insists. "Then we stay," Shane says. Lori watches from a distance as Shane conspires with her son.

In the RV, Shane finds the bag of guns missing. Glenn tells him that Dale asked him to bring some water but when he returned Dale was gone. Glenn wonders if Dale is okay, but Shane just seethes, knowing Dale slipped away while Glenn was gone so he wouldn't be able to tell Shane which way Dale went.

In a forest swamp, Rick, Hershel and Jimmy find two walkers stuck in the mud. Hershel explains that if his group wants to stay, they have to treat walkers like people — starting by helping Jimmy put these two in the barn. "My farm, my barn, my say," Hershel says.

Meanwhile, Daryl takes Carol to a pond where another Cherokee rose is blooming. "We'll find her," Carol says.

Glenn confronts Maggie again. "I wanted to" tell the others, Glenn tells her. "Secrets get you killed. And I'd rather have you pissed off at me and alive than liking me and dead." Maggie kisses Glenn.

Elsewhere in the swamps, Dale prepares to hide the bag of guns, but Shane stops him. Dale trains his rifle on Shane, who dares Dale to shoot. "This world," Dale says, backing down. "This is where you belong."

Shane brings the guns back to the farmhouse and arms the rest of the group. He tries to give Carl a gun, but Lori stops him.

In the distance, T-Dog spots Rick and Hershel emerging from the forest with two walkers attached to snare poles.

Furious, Shane sprints after them, the others close behind.

As Rick and Hershel lead the walkers toward the barn, Shane screams that walkers aren't people: They're dead, and they kill.

"Could a living breathing person walk away from this?" Shane challenges Hershel, firing several shots into the walker Hershel is struggling to control before finally shooting it in the head.

"Enough looking for a little girl who's gone," Shane screams. "Enough living next to a barn full of things that are trying to kill us." He breaks the lock on the barn doors and steps back, training his gun.

Walkers file out. The survivors form a firing line and execute the dead one by one. Daryl fires his shotgun at the walker who used to be Hershel's wife, hitting her in the face. Rick stays back with Lori and Carl. Hershel collapses on the ground, devastated.

As the gunshots die down, a final figure emerges from the barn: it's Sophia, who's now a walker. The group is stunned, Carol rushes toward what used to be her daughter but is stopped by Daryl who holds her as she collapses to the ground in tears.

Drawing his revolver, Rick marches up to the snarling Sophia and pulls the trigger.