Season 2, Episode 6


Secrets are told and secrets are revealed. Hershel refuses to acknowledge the world’s new reality. Andrea comes out of her shell. Everyone is becoming more and more aware that “everything is food for something.”

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Full Recap

Carl feeds baby chickens in the yard and asks Lori where their mother is. He surmises she was eaten. "Everything's food for something else," he reasons.

Meanwhile Patricia enters the slaughter shed, where she breaks the legs off several chickens before carting them to the barn. From the hayloft, Patricia drops the hobbled chickens to the ground, where the walkers scramble to devour them.

Using binoculars, Glenn stares nervously at the barn. Maggie arrives with fresh peaches and scolds him for his lack of subtlety. "You have to keep this to yourself," Maggie warns, but Glenn is unsure.

Andrea brings Daryl a book while he's recuperating in his tent and apologizes for shooting him. "You were trying to protect the group," Daryl assures. "We're good."

Glenn confronts Lori about her pregnancy, arguing she needs to take care of herself and tell Rick. Lori insists that Glenn stay quiet.

Rick and Shane, meanwhile, are planning out the day's search for Sophia. The doll Daryl found was near a housing development. Shane volunteers to check it out after the group's gun practice.

Shane walks over to Carl, who reveals he has a revolver tucked in his waistband. Rick and Lori scold their son, but eventually decide he should learn to shoot.

After the group departs, Glenn confesses to Dale: "There's walkers in the barn and Lori's pregnant," he blurts.

At target practice, Andrea shows off her marksmanship, prompting Rick to recommend her for Shane's "advanced class" after the rest head back.

Back at the farm, Dale speaks with Hershel in the stables. He walked by the barn, he says, and heard growling. Dale is stunned to hear Hershel insist the walkers in the barn are people. Dale argues that they are dangerous and definitely not people. "My wife and step-son are in that barn," Hershel counters.

Later, as Hershel is mending a fence, Lori thanks him for his hospitality. "I imagine you'll be moving on, soon," Hershel replies curtly.

Deep in the woods, Andrea tries to shoot at a log swinging from a tree, but misses. Shane urges her to shut down her emotions, then screams in her ear as she fires: "That's the walker that got Amy." Furious, Andrea storms off.

Meanwhile, Lori confronts Rick about her conversation with Hershel. "He expects us to leave?" she asks, furious at Rick for not telling her. "We'll get by," he promises, but Lori is unconvinced.

Shane drives after Andrea and apologizes for bringing up Amy. She accepts, and agrees to go with him to look for Sophia.

Meanwhile, Dale intimates he knows about Lori's pregnancy by telling her a story about his wife's miscarriage. Lori confides in him her fear of bringing a baby into such a harsh world. Dale assures her they can find joy and strength in each other, but when Lori asks if he believes the baby will grow to be old and die happy, he can't respond.

Afterward, Lori admits to Glenn that she does need help and asks him to run to the pharmacy.

Riding into town, Maggie seethes at Glenn for telling Dale about the walkers, but when Glenn asks her if she believes her father is right about them, she can't answer.

Inside the pharmacy, Maggie is annoyed that Glenn won't tell her what Lori sent him for, so he relents and asks her to help him look. Outraged by the item, Maggie reaches for a bottle of pills, but is suddenly grabbed by a walker. Glenn decapitates the walker, then hacks at its head with his machete.

Back at the farm, still upset by the attacks, Maggie confronts Lori. "Here's your abortion pills," she says shoving several packets of morning-after pills at her before storming off. Glenn pursues.

"For a smart guy you're really stupid," Maggie tells him. He's a leader, but he lets the group use him as an errand boy. "You're walker bait," she says.

Shane and Andrea search a house for Sophia. In the garage, they find piles of burned bodies. Walkers suddenly clamor at the garage door. Andrea and Shane run outside to find that they're surrounded.

Shane begins shooting walkers. Andrea struggles to hit one. A walker attacks her, but Shane refuses to help. At the last minute she shoots it in the head, and then with newfound confidence easily takes down the others.

In her tent, Lori apologizes for putting Glenn in danger. Glenn asks if the morning-after pills will work. "I don't know if I want them to," she admits. He hands her pre-natal vitamins — "just in case" — and advises her to talk it over with Rick.

Driving back from the housing development, Andrea grabs Shane's crotch. He stops the car and they have sex.

Back in her tent, Lori swallows the morning-after pills, but then suddenly darts out into the field behind the camp and forces herself to throw them up.

Shane and Andrea return. Dale catches a look between them and confronts Shane, telling him to leave. When Shane asks if he's mad about Andrea, Dale replies he's looking out for the group: He knows something happened with Otis, and he saw Shane raise his gun on Rick back in Atlanta. "I know what kind of man you are," Dale says.

Rick is Shane's best friend, Shane replies. If Dale thinks Shane could shoot him, "What do you think I'd do to some guy that I don't even like when he starts throwing accusations my way?"

In their tent, Rick finds the discarded morning-after packets and goes after Lori. Furious with her, he asks how could she go to Glenn for pills instead of talking to him.

"I don't know how we do this," Lori cries. She didn't tell him so that if she had gone through with it, it wouldn't have been on his conscience.

"I can't live like this any more," Rick says. "Is there anything else I should know about?"

"Shane and I," Lori begins.

"I know," Rick replies. "You thought I was dead, right?" Lori nods tearfully.