Season 2, Episode 4

Cherokee Rose

Shane makes a deadly sacrifice which leads to unusual behavior and self-distancing. The rest of the group tries to hang on somewhere between living to die and dying to live.

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Full Recap

The morning after Carl's surgery he's resting comfortably. He wakes and asks Rick about Sophia. "She's fine," Rick tells him.

Outside, the survivors are reunited as Dale, Daryl, Andrea and Carol bring the RV and other vehicles to the farm and begin setting up camp a short distance from the house.

Hershel leads a funeral service for Otis. Patricia asks Shane to assure her that Otis's death had meaning. Otis sacrificed himself to save Carl, Shane says. "If any death ever had meaning, it was his."

Outside the farmhouse, Maggie unfurls a map to organize Sophia's search. Rick and Shane declare they intend to search immediately, but Hershel stops them: Rick is too weak from donating blood, and Shane still suffering from his ankle injury. Daryl says he'll search alone.

Shane tells Rick he intends to train the others in gun use. Hershel insists that no one carries guns on his property. Rick relents — provided that Dale be allowed to remain armed as a lookout.

As the survivors mobilize, Shane asks what to do if Sophia turns up bitten. "You do what has to be done," Rick says solemnly. Maggie and Hershel are shaken by this, but it is unnoticed by the others.

Maggie declares she's making a trip to the local pharmacy to collect supplies. Rick suggests she take Glenn with her. Before saddling up, Maggie directs Dale to a fresh water well.

By the RV, Lori and Shane bump into each other. "Did you mean it?" Shane asks, referring to Lori's request that he stay with the group. "I meant it," she replies.

Andrea complains to Shane that they have to give up their guns. Shane deflects and offers to show her how to clean her weapon.

Daryl, meanwhile, heads off in search of Sophia. Rick stops him: Daryl doesn't owe them anything, Rick says. He doesn't have to go looking. "My other plans fell through," Daryl says, walking off.

Hershel leads Rick on a tour of the area, and explains that he expects the group to leave his property as soon as Carl heals.

Before Glenn and Maggie leave for the pharmacy, Lori pulls him aside: She needs him to pick up an item from the feminine hygiene aisle. "If we could be real discrete about this," Lori adds.

As Dale and T-Dog carry canisters to the well, T-Dog asks Dale to disregard his earlier delirious rantings about abandoning the others — Dale assures him they're forgotten. T-Dog begins pumping while Dale investigates broken wood planks on the ground well.

T-Dog ladles a drink of water for himself. Dale stops him and directs his attention to the well, where a bloated walker is thrashing in the water.

Later, the survivors stand around the well, debating what to do. The walker can't be shot or left alone, for fear of infecting the water further. It has to be removed.

Meanwhile, Hershel pauses his tour with Rick to admire the view, and tells Rick he sees God in nature. Rick replies that the last time he talked to God his son got shot. "I try not to mix it up with the almighty any more," he says.

Back at the well, the survivors try unsuccessfully to bait the walker with canned ham. Deciding they need live bait, Glenn is lowered in with instructions to harness it with a rope. After a mishap where he is almost dropped, Glenn successfully snares the walker.

Daryl happens upon an abandoned farmhouse in the woods. Searching it, he finds a recently emptied can of sardines and a blanket and pillow, but no sign of Sophia. Outside, he stops to admire a white flower.

Back at the well, the survivors hoist the walker up. It's swollen from the moisture, and as they try to lift it over the edge its skin catches. The walker rips in half, its legs and intestines spilling back into the well.

The torso claws at the survivors. T-Dog bashes its face in.

On the highway, Carol stares at an abandoned car on which a message to Sophia is written. A pile of food and water sits on the car's hood, untouched. Andrea tries to comfort Carol, but she shrugs it off.

Shane, Andrea and Carol scout out a firing range on their walk back. Shane tells Andrea that having the desire for gunwork is good, but eventually she'll have to cope with the guilt of taking another person's life. "You have to forget it," he says. "I guess I haven't quite got that last part down."

At the pharmacy, Glenn and Maggie split up to collect supplies. Maggie catches Glenn in the feminine hygiene section; he awkwardly grabs a box of condoms to deflect her suspicions. Maggie offers to have sex with Glenn and takes off her shirt. Later, she tells Glenn it was a "one-time thing."

Returning to the farmhouse, Rick begs Hershel to reconsider his demand that they leave. Rick can't fail Carl, he says, lamenting the lie he told about Sophia.

Hershel assures Rick he's a good father, then explains there are aspects about the farm he refuses to discuss. However, if they follow his rules, he'll consider letting them stay.

Daryl returns and hands Carol the white flower: A Cherokee Rose, which Native Americans believed was a sign from the Gods that their children were protected. "I'm not fool enough to think there's any flowers blooming for my brother," he says, "but I believe this one bloomed for your little girl."

Rick checks on Carl. He begins to tell his son about Sophia, but Carl already knows — Lori told him. "I'm like you now," Carl says: they've both been shot. "Since you're in the club now, you get to wear the hat," Rick says, removing the badge from his cowboy hat and placing it on Carl's head.

Afterwards, Rick places his badge and uniform in a dresser drawer.

Lori walks outside to a field, where she opens the item Glenn retrieved for her: A pregnancy test. She drops her pants and urinates. The test reads positive.