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You could win a bike like Daryl's* *Same manufacturer
Similar design

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Only one entry per person per day. Entries received from any person regardless of email address used in excess of the stated limit will be void.

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Please note the following:

Cell phones, tablets, tape recorders and other electronic recording devices will NOT be permitted in Madison Square Garden. Guests have two choices – leave devices capable of recording at home or in your office or stand in line to check your devices at a designated location adjacent to the venue for a $20 fee. All profits will be donated to charity by AMC. Electronic devices will be returned to the guest upon exiting the venue. Pretend it’s the apocalypse for a few hours and leave your phones at home.

Tickets do not include transportation or accommodations to NYC for the event and are for admission only.

Audiovisual capture by a device of any kind of The Walking Dead is strictly prohibited and is a violation of law subjecting the offender to criminal and civil liability. By attending, you agree and consent to physical and other search of your belongings and person for such prohibited devices.