Rick leads a mission to a museum in Washington, D.C., to collect items to help rebuild the Sanctuary. Daryl questions the longevity of a plan that diverges resources from their communities to support the Sanctuary.

Michonne rallies support for a charter that would establish universal laws among all the communities.

Gregory convinces Hilltop’s blacksmith, Earl, that Maggie is to blame for the death of his son, who died procuring resources for the Saviors. He persuades Earl to ambush and kill Maggie, but Maggie fights back and defeats Earl during the murder attempt. Maggie hangs Gregory for his betrayal.

Rick, Daryl and Aaron oversee the rebuilding of a damaged bridge that will help enable trade between the communities.

Gabriel and Anne start a relationship. Carol and Ezekiel get married.

Saviors grow uneasy as members of their group start mysteriously disappearing.

Rick banishes Justin, one of the Saviors, from the bridge work camp after Justin’s negligence leads to a walker attack. Someone later kills Justin in the woods. Rick convenes a search party when Arat, another Savior, goes missing.

Anne secretly communicates with a man via walkie. When Gabriel catches her in the act, she tells him that she is leaving to join a new community and invites him to run off with her. When he refuses, she knocks him unconscious and abandons him.

Maggie and Daryl discover that the Oceansiders have been killing Saviors as retribution for their crimes. After hearing some of Arat’s brutal past, Maggie and Daryl allow the Oceansiders to execute Arat.

Disgruntled Saviors abandon the work camp.

Maggie and Daryl plot to kill Negan. Rick learns of their plan and tries to alert Michonne, but Daryl intercepts him. As they argue, they hear gunfire erupt at the work camp, which has been attacked by the disgruntled Saviors. The commotion attracts a herd. Rick lures the walkers away from the camp and is gravely injured when his horse throws him to the ground.

Anne waits for her mysterious contact in a designated rendezvous point. She reports via walkie that she has an “A.”

Maggie strides into Negan’s cell to kill him. When she sees Negan, however, she takes pity on him and lets him live.

Rick leads the herd to the bridge and blows it up, causing the herd to fall into the river. Daryl, Michonne, Maggie and Carol despair when they see Rick seemingly die in the explosion.

Anne sees Rick’s body wash up on a river shore. She alerts her contact that she has a “B.” A chopper arrives and lifts her and Rick away.

Six years later, Judith rescues a group of survivors in the woods and brings them back to Alexandria, despite rules against newcomers. The Alexandria council interrogates the newcomers — Magna, Yumiko, Connie, Luke and Kelly. Michonne mistrusts them.

Carol takes Henry to Hilltop so that Earl can teach him to forge new tools for the Kingdom, which is falling into disrepair. A band of Saviors ambushes them en route. Carol kills the Saviors while Henry is asleep.

Judith engages in regular chats with Negan through his cell window.

Eugene and Rosita flee from a herd while setting up an amplifier for a radio signal. Eugene injures his leg. While hiding, they hear walkers in the herd whispering to each other.

Carol and Henry run into Daryl, who has been living in the woods while looking for Rick. Carol asks Daryl to keep an eye on Henry while he’s at Hilltop.

Jesus is reelected as the leader of Hilltop after Maggie goes to live in Georgie’s colony.

Jesus and Aaron find Rosita unconscious in the woods. She wakes and tells them that Eugene is hiding in a barn. Daryl, Jesus and Aaron go to rescue Eugene while Rosita recuperates at Hilltop.

Michonne decides against admitting the newcomers into Alexandria but escorts them to Hilltop to seek shelter for them there. Carol arrives with Henry and begs Michonne to send a delegation to the Kingdom’s upcoming fair to help out the Kingdom. Michonne refuses to sacrifice the safety of her people. Carol returns to the Kingdom.

Rosita wakes up in the infirmary and warns everyone about the whispering walkers.

Negan escapes his cell after Gabriel accidentally leaves it unlocked. Judith spots Negan sneaking out of Alexandria and vows to shoot him if she sees him again.

Daryl, Jesus and Aaron find Eugene in the barn and flee after the herd tracks them down. The herd corners them in a cemetery. Michonne, Magna and Yumiko show up to help. A walker stabs Jesus in the back, killing him. Daryl and Michonne discover that the walker that killed Jesus is a human wearing a walker’s skin — a “Whisperer.”

After leaving the cemetery, Michonne’s group captures a Whisperer named Lydia and imprisons her at Hilltop for interrogation.

Rosita reveals to Siddiq that she is pregnant with his baby.

Negan returns to the abandoned Sanctuary and wanders around. He decides to return to Alexandria.

Ezekiel, Carol and a small Kingdom crew procure a projector bulb from a movie theater so that they can play a movie at the fair.

Alden and Luke head out to find Michonne’s group but get captured by Whisperers.

Daryl interrogates Lydia about the Whisperers, but she remains tight-lipped. Lydia bonds with Henry, who is in a nearby cell for drunken disorderly conduct. Lydia initially defends her mother, Alpha, who is the leader of the Whisperers, but eventually admits that her mother abused her. She gives Daryl the location of the Whisperer camp.

Alpha leads a group of Whisperers to the Hilltop gate and demands Lydia in exchange for Luke and Alden. Henry helps Lydia escape to a shack in the woods, but they’re forced to return to Hilltop. Lydia agrees to go back to her people.

Meanwhile, a herd approaches Hilltop. Alpha orders a Whisperer to abandon her crying baby so that it won’t attract the herd. The woman complies with her leader. Connie silently sneaks through the field and rescues the baby from walkers. The Whisperers leave after exchanging Alden and Luke for Lydia.

Daryl and Connie go to find Henry after he sneaks out to rescue Lydia.

The Alexandria council considers a revote to send a delegation to the Kingdom fair. Michonne threatens to veto a delegation but eventually relents.

Beta, Alpha’s righthand man, captures Henry. Daryl and Connie rescue Henry, who insists on bringing Lydia with them.

Ezekiel receives a letter from a group called the Highwaymen, threatening to turn away Kingdom visitors unless the Kingdom pays a toll. Ezekiel and Carol refuse to pay the fee but convince the Highwaymen to protect local roads in exchange for access to the fair.

Beta tracks down Daryl, Henry, Connie and Lydia. Daryl sends Beta down an elevator shaft, mistakingly believing him to be dead. Daryl’s group stops by Alexandria to seek treatment for a wound that Henry sustained, then continues to the Kingdom.

In a flashback, an old friend of Michonne’s, Jocelyn, shows up at Alexandria with a group of children. Michonne lets them inside. Jocelyn betrays Michonne by raiding the pantry, killing a guard and kidnapping children from Alexandria, including Judith. Michonne tracks down Jocelyn and kills everyone in her group.

In the present, Judith convinces Michonne to go to the fair and pick up Daryl’s group along the way.

Whisperers massacre a pair of Hilltoppers who are traveling to the fair. Alpha puts on the clothes of one of the victims and attends the fair. She corners Lydia and orders her to rejoin the Whisperers, but Lydia refuses.

At the fair, the community leaders sign the charter and discuss the Whisperer threat. A group heads out to defend Hilltop in case of Whisperer retaliation. Along the way, they come across the site of the Whisperer massacre. Daryl, Carol, Michonne and Yumiko follow the Whisperers’ trail while the others continue onto Hilltop. Whisperers capture Daryl’s group.

Alpha releases Daryl’s group and ominously warns them not to trespass on her territory. On their way home, Daryl’s group discovers a row of spikes with the heads of Henry, Tara, Enid, Frankie, Tammy and others who the Whisperers abducted during the fair.

Ezekiel finally abandons the Kingdom which has been rendered uninhabitable. A massive blizzard is incoming, and the people of the now-impoverished community won’t survive it in place. The King leads his people away on a treacherous trek.

On the road, Carol stops Lydia from killing herself. The group is forced to cut through Whisperer territory but reaches Hilltop without incident. Meanwhile, the Whisperers regroup in a new camp.

In Alexandria, Negan rescues Judith in the middle of the blizzard. Michonne later thanks him. In the wake of Henry’s death, Carol leaves Ezekiel to live in Alexandria.

A voice transmits over a radio in Alexandria. “Please send help,” the voice says urgently.