Residents of Alexandria, Hilltop and the Kingdom prepare for battle against the Saviors, using intel from their spy, Dwight, to plan the attack.

Carol, Daryl, Morgan and Tara blow up an SUV on the highway as a herd arrives. Dwight dispatches a large team of Saviors to investigate the explosion. After the Saviors leave, Rick’s army opens fire on the Sanctuary and blows the front gate open. Daryl guides the herd to the Sanctuary as Rick’s army leaves, laying siege to the Sanctuary walls. Gabriel tries to save Gregory, but he escapes in Gabriel’s car. Gabriel takes shelter from the herd inside a trailer and finds Negan hiding inside.

Aaron and a team of Alexandrians open fire on a Savior outpost. Eric dies in the battle.

Jesus, Morgan, Tara and a group of soldiers attack another Savior outpost. The surviving Saviors surrender and are brought back to Hilltop as prisoners. Maggie builds a holding cell for the Saviors and puts Gregory in prison, too. Meanwhile, Carol and Ezekiel lead a group in an attack on a third Savior outpost.

Rick and Daryl sneak into a Savior outpost to find a gun cache that Dwight informed them about. A Savior informs Rick that the weapons were transferred to Gavin’s outpost the previous day.

Saviors ambush Ezekiel’s army at Gavin’s outpost. Carol tries to stop the Saviors from transporting the weapons cache to the Sanctuary but abandons her pursuit to rescue Ezekiel and Jerry. Daryl and Rick take up the chase and kill the Saviors. Daryl insists on using the Saviors’ explosives to blow open a Sanctuary wall, letting walkers inside, but Rick worries it would endanger innocent workers.

In the trailer, Negan admits to Gabriel that he cheated on his wife while she was sick and was unable to put her down after the fall. They slather themselves in walker guts and make it back inside the Sanctuary. Negan imprisons Gabriel.

Negan learns that Rick’s army used weapons from the Saviors’  armory. Eugene quietly figures out that Dwight is working with Rick. Negan offers to reward Eugene if he can figure out a way for the Saviors to escape the herd outside.

Rick asks Jadis to join his alliance. Jadis initially refuses but changes her mind when he takes her hostage.

Tara and Daryl make a pact to kill Dwight after the war is over.

Carl encounters a stranger, Siddiq, and invites him to live in Alexandria. Siddiq explains his mother’s belief that killing walkers frees their souls. En route to Alexandria, Carl suggests they kill a small group of walkers to honor Siddiq’s mother.

Michonne, Rosita, Daryl and Tara kill two Saviors plotting to save the besieged Sanctuary.

Eugene confronts Dwight about his betrayal and offers to keep the secret on the condition that Dwight stops helping Rick. Dwight refuses and later stops Eugene from launching a contraption meant to draw the herd away from the Sanctuary.

Gabriel develops a severe infection, brought on by contact with the walker guts. He asks Eugene to help smuggle Dr. Carson from the Sanctuary to Hilltop.

Daryl, Morgan, Rosita and Tara break from Rick’s plan and ram a garbage truck into the Sanctuary wall, allowing walkers to flood inside. Infuriated by the attack on innocents, Eugene begins telling Negan about Dwight but is interrupted.

Rick and the Scavengers arrive at the Sanctuary only to find that the Saviors have escaped and killed the herd. Saviors ambush Rick and the Scavengers. Carol and Jerry rescue Rick as the Scavengers disperse.

Aaron and Enid drive to Oceanside to seek reinforcements. Enid accidentally shoots and kills Natania, Oceanside’s leader. Cyndie spares their lives but forbids them from ever returning.

Simon’s Saviors stop a Hilltop convoy on the road. Simon kills a Hilltopper, forcing Maggie to cooperate with the Saviors and continue producing for them. Gavin and his Saviors take over the Kingdom and proclaim that everything they grow now belongs to the Saviors.

Negan orders residents to surrender at Alexandria. Carl distracts Negan while Michonne, Daryl, Tara and Rosita quietly mobilize a convoy and escape through the back gate. They ambush Dwight, Laura and a team of Saviors in pursuit. Laura catches Dwight shooting at the Saviors and escapes. Dwight tells Daryl’s group that Eugene helped the Saviors get out of the Sanctuary.

Carl descends into the sewers as the Saviors fire grenades into Alexandria.

After much deliberation, Eugene helps Gabriel and Dr. Carson escape.

Maggie kills one of the imprisoned Saviors and sends the body to Negan with an order to surrender.

Rick returns to Alexandria and finds the survivors hiding in the sewers. Carl reveals a walker bite he got while fighting the walkers with Siddiq. Carl urges Rick to make peace with Negan and gives him a stack of letters that he wrote to the group.

He shoots himself to spare Rick the obligation.

Ezekiel distracts Gavin while Kingdom residents flee to a safe house, then surrenders. Carol and Morgan attack the Saviors and rescue Ezekiel. Morgan spares Gavin’s life, but Henry stabs Gavin in the throat.

Michonne looks through Carl’s letters and finds a letter addressed to Negan. Rick contacts Negan via walkie and reads Carl’s letter to him. Negan laments Carl’s death but blames it on Rick.

Negan dispatches Simon to rebuke the Scavengers for allying with Rick but forbids him from slaughtering the entire group. Simon ignores Negan’s orders and massacres the Scavengers, but keeps it secret from his boss.

Rick and Michonne again seek help from Jadis only to learn that her people are dead. Jadis, who survived the massacre by playing possum, begs to join Rick but Rick turns her away.

The survivors of the Alexandria attack make their way to Hilltop. Dwight gains Tara’s trust when he guides a Savior patrol team away from the Alexandrians.

Saviors capture Dr. Carson and Gabriel, whose vision has been severely impaired by the infection. A Savior kills Dr. Carson while he attempts to grab a gun.

Eugene oversees operations at a bullet factory, producing munitions for the Saviors. Noting Negan’s dismay at his production pace, Eugene suggests they catapult undead limbs and guts at Rick’s group to infect Rick’s group with walker blood.

A woman named Georgie reaches out to Maggie to trade resources. She gives Maggie a binder full of plans for windmills, water mills and other schematics to help create a community. “Build this place up,” she urges Maggie.

En route to Hilltop, Simon privately tells Dwight that he doubts Negan’s strategy will work. Rick spots Negan’s convoy and chases Negan into an abandoned building. Before escaping, Negan learns from Rick that the Saviors killed all the Scavengers.

Simon and Dwight search for Negan but decide to abandon the search after finding Negan’s wrecked car. Simon orders the Saviors to attack Hilltop and kill everyone. The Hilltoppers fight back, forcing the Saviors to retreat. Tobin and another wounded Hilltopper die in the middle of the night and, having been infected by walker blood from the Saviors’ weapons. They reanimate into walkers and kill and infect others. Rick’s group kills the walkers.

In the midst of the Hilltop outbreak, Henry enters the Savior pen with a machine gun and demands to know who killed his brother. The Saviors escape in the ensuing mayhem. Rick and Morgan pursue the escaped Saviors but end up getting captured. Rick asks the Saviors to join his group. When a herd arrives, Rick and Morgan are cut loose to help in the fight. Rick and Morgan kill the walkers and then the Saviors.

Jadis captures Negan and threatens to burn Lucille. Negan insists that he wasn’t responsible for the massacre and vows to settle things with the perpetrator.

Rick reads Carl’s letter, in which Carl urges Rick to make peace with Negan.

Daryl and Rosita seize Eugene at the bullet factory and march him to Hilltop. Eugene escapes.

Aaron returns to Oceanside and again implores Cyndie to join the alliance.

Negan reprimands Simon for killing the Scavengers but spares his life. He informs his lieutenants of his plan to surround Hilltop and slaughter anyone who tries to leave. Dwight marks up a map for Rick and writes a message describing Negan’s attack plan. Gregory delivers the map to Rick.

Simon enlists Dwight to help him overthrow Negan. Negan kills Simon after Dwight tells him about Simon’s plot.

Negan reveals to Dwight that Laura is back and he knows Dwight is a double agent. He explains that the map Dwight conveyed to Rick will lead Rick’s army right into a trap.

Rick’s army marches to battle as Saviors mobilize at the Sanctuary. Negan dispatches a small team with a decoy map, correctly predicting that Rick’s scouts will kill the Savior team then discover the map.

Tara and the Savior prisoners defend Hilltop from the Saviors. The Oceansiders ambush the Saviors with Molotov cocktails.

Rick’s army follows the decoy map and unknowingly walks into Negan’s ambush. The Saviors open fire but their guns malfunction due to bullets secretly sabotaged by Eugene. Rick’s army defeats the Saviors. Rick slits Negan’s throat then orders Siddiq to save Negan. Maggie screams in dismay at Rick’s display of mercy.

Rosita and Tara deliver supplies to the Sanctuary, where Saviors are rebuilding the compound. Daryl releases Dwight but vows to kill him if he returns. Dwight drives to his old house and finds a note from Sherry.

Morgan invites Jadis to join Rick’s community then takes up residence in the Heaps.

Maggie meets with Jesus and Daryl and declares that Rick should not have spared Negan’s life. She vows to prove him wrong.

Rick and Michonne inform a recovering Negan that he will rot in a cell for the rest of his life.