Negan beats Glenn and Abraham to death in front of Rick’s group and takes Daryl captive. He declares that Alexandria must now provide for him.

Sasha takes Maggie to the Hilltop for medical attention. They bring Glenn and Abraham’s bodies for burial.

Carol wakes up in the Kingdom with Morgan at her bedside. He introduces her to King Ezekiel, the leader of the Kingdom. Carol takes up residence in a cottage just outside the Kingdom, determined to remain apart from society.

Morgan accompanies Ezekiel and a small team to deliver a weekly shipment of supplies to the Saviors. Ezekiel asks Morgan to keep their deliveries a secret from other Kingdom residents to maintain peace with the Saviors.

At the Sanctuary, Dwight psychologically tortures Daryl to force him into submission, but Daryl refuses to kneel to Negan.

Dwight captures a runaway worker. The worker begs Dwight to shoot him instead of bringing him back to the Sanctuary. Dwight grants his request.

Daryl escapes from his intentionally unlocked cell. Negan captures Daryl and offers an opportunity to work for him. Daryl is beaten after he refuses. Negan later tells Daryl that Sherry, Dwight’s wife, married him to spare Dwight’s life after a runaway attempt. He asks Daryl to follow in Dwight’s footsteps as one of his top men. Daryl again refuses.

Carl threatens to shoot a Savior during Negan’s first collection at Alexandria. Negan confiscates all the guns in town and threatens to kill Olivia if they don’t track down two guns that are missing from the armory. Rick finds the guns stashed in Spencer’s house, along with stolen food and liquor. The Saviors leave with half of Alexandria’s belongings.

Michonne tries to convince Rick to fight back against Negan, but he worries it would only result in more deaths.

Rosita tells Eugene to make her a bullet for a gun that she retrieved from a dead walker. He reluctantly complies.

Dr. Carson advises Maggie to remain at the Hilltop for the remainder of her pregnancy. Maggie and Sasha gain the allegiance of Hilltop residents after they save the community from a walker attack.

Simon stops by the Hilltop to ask Gregory if he knows anything about the deadly attack on the Saviors outpost. Jesus foils Gregory’s attempt to turn in Maggie and Sasha.

Enid sneaks out of Alexandria to check on Maggie at the Hilltop. Carl, who is secretly on a mission to kill Negan, accompanies her. They kiss.

Tara falls off a bridge after she and Heath get separated during a walker attack. Cyndie and Rachel discover Tara unconscious on the beach. Cyndie drags Tara’s body to safety. Tara wakes up and follows Cyndie back to the Oceanside community. Her arrival sounds the alarm and guards capture Tara.

Natania, the Oceanside leader, agrees to let Tara return to her community along with two Oceanside envoys to discuss an alliance. Tara flees once she realizes the envoys plan to kill her. Cyndie helps her escape but makes Tara promise to keep their community a secret.

Jesus sneaks into one of the Savior cargo trucks to find out where Negan lives. He finds Carl inside the truck. Jesus later jumps out of the truck, but Carl stays inside and pulls a gun on Negan at the compound. The Saviors capture him. Negan shows Carl around the Sanctuary then takes him back to Alexandria.

Someone slips Daryl a key to his cell. He escapes and kills a Savior before hopping on a motorcycle.

Rick and Aaron discover a payload of supplies on a houseboat. They return to Alexandria with their bounty only to find Negan waiting with a group of Saviors. Spencer asks Negan to make him the new leader of Alexandria. Negan calls Spencer a coward and disembowels him. Rosita tries to shoot Negan but the bullet hits Lucille. Negan demands to know who made the bullet. After a Savior kills Olivia, Eugene finally admits it was him. Negan takes Eugene captive.

Rick decides to fight the Saviors. He gathers a team at the Hilltop, where Daryl and Jesus have safely returned. They recruit a group of Hilltop residents and try to convince King Ezekiel to join the fight, but he refuses. On their way home, they procure a stash of dynamite and RPGs that the Saviors left on the road to kill a large herd.

A mysterious figure forces Gabriel to leave Alexandria with a car full of food and supplies in the middle of the night. Rick’s search team traces Gabriel to a group of warriors called the Scavengers. Rick asks Jadis, the leader of the Scavengers, to help fight the Saviors. Jadis agrees to help in exchange for guns and additional supplies.

Richard asks Daryl to help him ambush the Saviors to force Ezekiel’s hand in fighting the Saviors. Daryl learns that Carol lives close by and refuses to help Richard once he realizes the ambush will imperil Carol. He visits Carol but refrains from telling her that the Saviors killed many Alexandrians.

Negan brings Eugene back to the Sanctuary and gives him a private apartment. He tells Dwight that Sherry escaped, probably after helping Daryl escape, and orders Dwight to find Sherry. Dwight looks for Sherry in their old home and finds a farewell note, in which she admits to freeing Daryl. Negan throws Dr. Carson in the furnace after Dwight frames him for assisting in Sherry’s escape.

Eugene impresses Negan with advice on fortifying his walker yard. As a reward, Negan sends three of his wives, Tanya, Frankie and Amber, to keep Eugene company. Tanya and Frankie beg Eugene to make a suicide pill for Amber. Eugene makes the pill but refuses to hand it over once he realizes it’s for Negan, not Amber.

Rick and Michonne scavenge for guns to fulfill the deal Rick made with Jadis. They discover an abandoned school stocked with supplies and swarming with walkers equipped with guns. They procure the weaponry and deliver it to Jadis, but she demands twice as many. Tara breaks her promise to Cyndie and tells Rick about the guns at Oceanside.

Rosita goes to the Hilltop and recruits Sasha to help her kill Negan at his compound.

At a weekly delivery, the Savior Gavin informs Ezekiel that their tribute is one cantaloupe short. A Savior shoots Benjamin in the leg, killing him. Morgan later finds the missing cantaloupe hidden in a box and confronts Richard, who admits he hid the cantaloupe to provoke the Saviors into killing him — not Benjamin — with the hopes of motivating Ezekiel to fight the Saviors. When Ezekiel’s team delivers another cantaloupe to the Saviors, Morgan kills Richard and tells everyone about Richard’s ill-fated ruse.

Morgan tells Carol that the Saviors killed Glenn, Abraham, Spencer, Olivia and others. Carol tells Ezekiel that it’s time to fight the Saviors. Ezekiel agrees.

Simon goes to the Hilltop and orders Dr. Carson to replace his brother, the Sanctuary’s former doctor. Simon gives Gregory a note that will grant him entry into the Sanctuary should he ever need their help.

Sasha and Rosita embark on their mission to kill Negan. From a building near the Sanctuary, they peer through a rifle scope and see Eugene giving orders in the yard. Unable to get a clear shot at Negan, they decide to storm the compound and rescue Eugene. Eugene, however, refuses to join them. Sasha slips inside the compound gate and locks it behind her, telling Rosita to go back home.

Sasha gets captured and thrown in a cell. After she agrees to join Negan’s cause, Negan enlists her in a plot against Rick.

Rick leads a group to Oceanside and captures the residents. Natania begrudgingly allows Rick to take their guns but refuses to join their fight.

Sensing the Hilltop community’s allegiance to Maggie, Gregory flees the Hilltop for the Sanctuary.

Sasha begs Eugene to give her a weapon to kill herself, with the secret intention of using it against Negan. To her dismay, he gives her the suicide pill.

Rosita returns to Alexandria with Dwight after running into him at the Sanctuary. Dwight tells Rick’s group that he wants to help them defeat Negan. He helps formulate a plan.

Negan’s group mobilizes to attack Alexandria. Negan escorts Sasha to a coffin. She climbs inside for the ride to Alexandria and pops the suicide pill in her mouth.

The Scavengers arrive at Alexandria to help fight the Saviors. When Negan’s caravan arrives, however, Jadis and the Scavengers double-cross Rick and turn their guns on the Alexandrians. Negan announces that Sasha is inside the coffin and offers to let her live if Rick’s group gives him all of their guns as well as Daryl. When he opens the casket, undead Sasha lunges at him. Negan escapes Sasha, but the Alexandrians take advantage of the ensuing chaos to fight back. Carol and Maggie arrive with Kingdom and Hilltop fighters. Negan escapes and the Scavengers flee.

Back at the Sanctuary, Negan declares war and prepares for plan B. Eugene squirms when Negan interrogates him about Sasha’s death.

Rick, Maggie and Ezekiel stand on a podium and speak as leaders of their respective communities: Alexandria, the Hilltop and the Kingdom, all united.