Rick and Morgan discover a quarry full of walkers near Alexandria. Anticipating that the walkers will soon break free, Rick formulates a plan to lead the walkers out of the quarry and away from Alexandria. Rick’s group and a team of Alexandrians herd the walkers out of the quarry and onto the main road, where Sasha, Abraham and Daryl lead them miles away.

Back in Alexandria, the community is attacked by Wolves. Carol, Maggie, Rosita, Spencer, Morgan and other residents fight the Wolves. A truck driven by Wolves rams into the perimeter wall, causing the horn to blare. The residents kill off all the Wolves but Morgan, who refuses to kill, secretly imprisons one of the Wolves in the basement of a brownstone.

Meanwhile, the horn from the truck echoes through the forest, reaching the quarry herd. The noise distracts half of the herd away from the road, drawing the Walkers into the woods toward Alexandria. Sasha, Abraham and Daryl continue to lead half the herd down the road while Rick runs to get an RV so that he can redirect the other half of the herd back onto the road.

Glenn and Michonne lead a group of residents back to Alexandria. Nicholas helps guide them and tries to help Glenn distract the herd that is on their heels. When walkers corner he and Glenn, he despairs and shoots himself in the head. He falls into the herd and knocks Glenn into along with him.

Rick reaches the RV where he’s by the Wolves who Morgan let escape from Alexandria. He kills the Wolves but the RV is destroyed.

In a flashback, a ranting and raving Morgan roams the land, killing any walker and human who gets in his way. He meets a man named Eastman. Eastman imprisons Morgan in his cabin but also befriends him, giving him food and introducing him to Aikido. Eastman gives Morgan a copy of “The Art of Peace” and advocates against killing. Over time, Morgan adopts Eastman’s pacifist philosophy and learns Aikido. After Eastman succumbs to a walker bite, a transformed Morgan leaves and follows signs for Terminus.

Rick makes it back safety to Alexandria. The walker herd reaches Alexandria moments later and pounds on the wall. Rick instructs everyone to keep noise and lights to a minimum until Daryl, Sasha and Abraham return and lure the walkers away.

Maggie and Aaron try to leave Alexandria via a sewage tunnel so that they can find Glenn, who has not yet returned. When their escape is blocked by walkers, Maggie reveals to Aaron that she’s pregnant.

Tara encourages Denise, the new doctor, to feel confident in her medical skills even though she trained for psychiatry. They kiss and develop feelings for each other.

Daryl, Sasha and Abraham successfully lead the walkers away from Alexandria but are attacked by gun-wielding assailants. Daryl gets separated from the group and is taken captive. He helps his captors, Dwight and Tina, survive and invites them to Alexandria. Instead, they steal his crossbow and motorbike and ride off. Daryl finds a fuel truck and locates Sasha and Abraham, who have grown intimate during their time alone.

Glenn escapes the walkers and encounters Enid, who ran away from Alexandria. He convinces Enid to return to Alexandria with him.

The watchtower at Alexandria collapses and knocks down a panel of the perimeter wall, allowing walkers to swarm in. Deanna gets bitten while fighting walkers.

Morgan and Carol take refuge in the brownstone. Carol sneaks downstairs to the prison and discovers Morgan’s imprisoned Wolf with Denise, who’s been treating his wound. Carol fights Morgan, who tries to protect the Wolf from Carol. Amid the chaos, the Wolf takes Denise hostage with a knife and escapes.

Rick holes up with a group in Jessie’s house. They slather themselves in walker guts and escape the house unnoticed by the herd. Deanna stays behind and shoots down walkers before eventually succumbing to their attack.

Daryl, Abraham and Sasha drive back to Alexandria in the fuel truck. En route, a gang of men who work for Negan ambushes them. Daryl kills their assailants with an RPG.

Rick leads his group to the armory so that they can procure some flares and distract the walkers away from Alexandria. En route, Jessie and Sam are devoured by walkers after Sam panics and screams. Michonne stabs Ron when he threatens to shoot Rick, who he blames for his father’s death. Carl accidentally gets shot in the eye.

The Wolf saves Denise from walkers and gets bitten in the process. Denise tries to take him to the infirmary, but Carol shoots the Wolf dead in the street.

Denise stitches up Carl’s eye at the infirmary. Meanwhile, Rick goes on a killing rampage. Emboldened by Rick’s bravery, many Alexandria residents join the fight. Enid rescues Maggie, who is stranded in a watch tower, while Glenn diverts walkers. Daryl, Abraham and Sasha arrive in the fuel truck. Daryl fills a pond with fuel and lights it on fire, which attracts walkers and engulfs them in flames. The community finally defeats the walkers.

While out on a run, Rick and Daryl find a truck full of supplies. They drive the truck back to Alexandria but the truck gets stolen by a man named Jesus. They chase Jesus down and fight him to get the truck back. As they fight, they accidentally knock the truck into gear, sending it into a pond. They take Jesus back to Alexandria and keep him in the brownstone prison cell. An exhausted Rick makes love to Michonne.

Jesus tells Rick’s group that he comes from a community called the Hilltop and that his job is to find settlements to trade with. He brings Rick’s group to the Hilltop and introduces them to Gregory, the community leader. During their visit, a Hilltop team led by Ethan returns from Negan’s camp and reports that Negan killed members of their group because their drop was too light. Ethan stabs Gregory, saying Negan took his brother hostage and will only release him if Gregory is dead. Rick’s group intervenes and kills Ethan.

Jesus explains to Rick’s group that Negan is the leader of a community called the Saviors. Negan has agreed not to attack the Hilltop in exchange for half of their supplies. Maggie convinces Gregory to give Alexandria half of their supplies if Rick’s group kills the Saviors.

Upon returning to Alexandria, Rick tells the community about the Hilltop and the Saviors and declares that they must kill the Saviors. The group unanimously supports his decision except for Morgan, who urges them to talk with the Saviors instead of killing them.

Abraham realizes that he cares deeply for Sasha. He breaks up with Rosita.

Rick’s group canvases the area to kill walkers who resemble Gregory. Jesus looks at a row of decapitated walker heads and picks the one that most resembles Gregory. That night, Andy, a Hilltop member who liaises with the Saviors, delivers the head to the guards at a Savior compound. Rick’s group ambushes the guards and sneaks into the compound, where they begin to kill Saviors in their sleep. A Savior spots them and pulls the alarm, starting an all-out battle.

Rick’s group prevails at the compound, but Maggie and Carol are captured by Saviors while guarding the perimeter. Paula, who leads the captors, contacts Rick via walkie to inform him that she has Maggie and Carol. She brings Maggie and Carol to a slaughterhouse and waits for backup to arrive. Carol pretends to be weak and meek but eventually cuts free of her bonds. She and Maggie kill their captors. When reinforcements arrive, they burn them alive. Carol regrets that she’s killed so many people, putting her total human body count at 20.

Daryl, Rosita and Denise drive to an apothecary to stock up on medication. On their way back, a band of Saviors led by Dwight ambushes Daryl’s crew. Dwight kills Denise with an arrow through the head. Daryl’s group chases off the Saviors with help from Abraham and Eugene.

Carol quietly departs from Alexandria. She leaves a note explaining that she no longer wishes to kill people — and the only way to fulfill this wish is to leave Alexandria, where she would inevitably feel compelled to kill to defend the people she loves. She encounters a group of Saviors on the road and kills most of them off but gets stabbed in the process. A surviving Savior follows her.

Daryl regrets sparing Dwight’s life after their first encounter and leaves Alexandria to kill Dwight once and for all. Glenn, Michonne and Rosita go after Daryl to bring him back. Dwight’s group captures all of them in the woods.

Rick and Morgan head out to find Carol. Morgan offers to look for Carol on his own so that Rick can return to Alexandria. Rick makes Morgan take a gun before heading back. Morgan finds Carol, who is weak from her stab wound. He urges her to return to Alexandria for treatment. Carol refuses and runs off. The Savior who survived her attack tracks her down and shoots her in the hand. Morgan shoots and kills the Savior before he can finish Carol off. Morgan runs into a man on horseback. The man offers to help Morgan and Carol.

Back in Alexandria, Maggie falls sick after experiencing pregnancy complications. Rick, Carl, Abraham, Sasha, Eugene and Aaron pile into the RV to bring Maggie to the doctor at the Hilltop. Saviors block their route. They try several other routes but are waylaid by Saviors each time. Finally, they put Maggie on a stretcher and carry her through the woods on foot. They’re captured by Saviors and rounded up with Daryl, Glenn, Michonne, Eugene and Rosita.

Dwight forces Rick’s group to their knees. Negan steps out of an RV with a spiked bat and tells them that they now work for him. He orders them to give him half of Alexandria’s goods from now on. To punish them for their past transgressions, he picks someone at random and brutally bludgeons that person with his bat.