Season 1, Episode 1

I Pulled a Polanski

Playwright Arthur Banks awakes in the bedroom of a girl he suspects is underage. Panicked, he flees out the window and makes a phone call.

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Full Recap

"I think I pulled a Polanski," says Arthur.

Later, Arthur visits his therapist, who explains that Arthur seeks unattainable women, and when things don't work out, it confirms his worst beliefs.

Back at home with his girlfriend, Annette, Arthur receives a call from the underage girl, Chloe, who wants to see him again. Arthur hangs up.

In bed, Annette broaches the subject of starting a family. Arthur lists the obstacles: his upcoming play, stock losses, a baby's addition to their carbon footprint.

At a cafe with his friend Chandler, Arthur describes his new play, The Romantic Egoist, as his most autobiographical to date. Annette hasn't read it yet, says Arthur.

Arthur and Annette arrive home and find the place trashed. Arthur suspects Chloe, but this doesn't diminish his attraction to her, and she remains on his mind as he auditions actresses for the lead in his play.

Meanwhile, at home, Annette discovers Arthur's script, reads it, and gets drunk. When Arthur returns, she says that she feels "violated" by her portrayal as the unstable character Abigail.

"She's an amalgamation of different women," Arthur insists.

"I want a baby!" Annette screams.

Arthur reiterates that the timing for having a baby is all wrong. Realizing that her needs will always take second place to Arthur's career, Annette walks away. After she does, Arthur scribbles down everything they said.

At a bar, Arthur tells Chandler that he and Annette are through. Paying the tab, Arthur finds a piece of paper with a phone number written on it.

Arthur wakes up in Chloe's bed, flees out the window, and makes a call on a pay phone.

"I did it again," says Arthur.

Cast & Credits

Cast (in order of appearance):
Narrator - Larry Pine
Arthur - Adam Goldberg
Chloe - Fabianne Therese
Therapist - Jeffrey Tambor
Annette - Wendy Glenn
Chandler - Peter Chekvala
Stage Manger - David Hood
George - Barry Primus
Actress 1 - Paige Stark
Understudy - Camille Cregan
Cornelia - Laura Clery
Bartender - Patrick McKenzie
Written by: Peter Glanz and Juan Iglesias
Directed by: Peter Glanz

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