• Cornelia Klein is the highly volatile lead in Arthur's latest play. She is emotionally unstable, prone to fits of violent rage and manic hysteria. Cornelia also suffers from an acute case of chronic dissatisfaction and delusions of grandeur. Believing she’s the greatest actress since Meryl Streep, she often refuses to remember her lines -- much to Arthur’s chagrin. The two are constantly at each other’s throat, but that’s what attracted them to one nother in the first place.

  • Laura Clery is an American actress best known for playing a variety of roles on the MTV hidden-camera-reality-television series Disaster Date, from 2009 to 2010. Clery grew up just ten miles west of Chicago and moved to L.A. the day after she graduated high school. Laura recurred on the sitcom 'Til Death, from 2008 to 2010, playing one of Brad Garrett's daughters. Since then, she has been in multiple national commercials for VitaminWater and M&M's and was featured in a Teleflora Superbowl commercial starring Don Rickles. She has also been writing and performing comedy since the age of 16. She has worked for various networks such as Fox, NBC, and MTV. Laura just recently shot her first movie, Two Jacks, directed by Bernard Rose.