• Chloé is in her senior year at Green Farms Academy. She is an honor-roll student and a champion equestrian rider who has a tendency to become fixated on whatever she sets out to accomplish. It should be mentioned that she also possesses an affinity for older men and has something of an Oedipal complex. Chloé is an uninhibited free spirit who exudes raw sexuality, right down to her Lolita sunglasses, and has been known to drive grown men to behave like lovesick teenagers. To a man like Arthur, she is the consummate forbidden fruit.

  • Fabianne Therese was born in Kansas City, Missouri, and grew up all over the world, living with her family at various times in Austria, Sri Lanka, Abu Dhabi, and Palm Springs. One constant in her childhood was a love of theater and film, and since moving to Los Angeles she has pursued her dream of acting with roles that stretch across a variety of formats and styles.

    Fabianne recently completed filming the lead role of Amy in director Don Coscarelli's upcoming film adaptation of the cult book John Dies at the End, alongside Paul Giamatti. She is currently filming the lead role in the independent feature The Aggression Scale, directed by Steven C. Miller, and in the spring of 2011 she played the role of Alice in the Stella Adler company's Los Angeles production of Closer, by Patrick Marber.