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Edmonton Journal Interviews George Takei; Paste Ranks The Terror: Infamy One of TV’s Best

This week, George Takei speaks with the Edmonton Journal, while Paste ranks The Terror: Infamy one of TV’s best shows right now. Plus, Screen Rant declares itself invested in Luz and Chester’s relationship. Read on for more:

• George Takei speaks with the Edmonton Journal about his reaction to the internment camp set: “As a child, the sentry tower, the barbed wire fence, were no more intimidating than a chain link fence at a school playground. But now as an adult I see how threatening it was, soldiers up there with guns. So it was on two levels I had a reaction.”

Paste ranks The Terror: Infamy one of the best shows on TV right now: “The Terror might use terror (and its cousin, dread) to unlock doors in your stomach and psyche, but it’s not a parlor trick. There are horrors of worlds beyond ours, and horrors of our own making.”

Screen Rant praises Luz and Chester’s relationship because their struggles “become another outlet for the series to explore the ramifications of the interment camps and the larger question of identity, especially as it pertains to citizenship and loyalty. ”

Den of Geek‘s roundup of the best horror TV shows on Hulu includes The Terror, which has “deftly turned itself into an anthology with the second season The Terror: Infamy that tells a ghost story within the setting of a Japanese interment camp in World War II.”

• For recaps and reviews of Season 2, Episode 8, “My Sweet Boy,” check out But Why Tho?, Meaww and Winter is Coming.

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