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Deadline on George Takei Talking Internment Camp Set Design; Terror: Infamy Impresses Screen Rant

This week, Deadline quotes George Takei talking about the authenticity of the internment camp set design, while The Terror: Infamy impresses Screen Rant. Plus, Newsday recommends watching the show. Read on for more:

• Speaking about The Terror: Infamy‘s set, George Takei says, “The thing that impressed me was the details. When I saw the replica of the internment camp in Vancouver, I immediately recognized it. The extent of the details was really impressive,” Deadline reports.

• Declaring The Terror: Infamy to be “a worthy continuation of The Terror brand,” Screen Rant enthuses, “Between its historical subject matter…and the caliber of the cast and production values, Infamy arguably has the potential to be one of the better series of the year altogether.”

Newsday recommends The Terror: Infamy: “The second season of this excellent anthology is set in a Japanese American internment camp during World War II. George Takei, who also serves as a consultant, lived in internment camps as a child.”

• According to Syfy Wire, Alexander Woo explains, “George [Takei] has devoted his life to raising awareness of internment: it would be relevant in any time. The fact that we are at this point in our history is particularly poignant because there is always a lesson to learn from this.”

• Citing The Terror: Infamy as an example, IndieWire is impressed by the prominence of Asians at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, saying, “With multiple panels addressing representation, race bending, and inclusivity, it appears that Comic-Con is finally reflecting the sea change to feature more Asians in a variety of roles.”

• Cristina Rodlo, who plays Luz, tells Flaunt, “The production value was amazing and the directors were all amazing. The actors were amazing as well. We all need to hear about this story because it is history. They don’t teach this in schools. Americans don’t know this happened. We are telling the true story, so we are excited to share this and do it right.”

Flickering Myth, spotlighting a new poster, reports that “the hotly-anticipated” The Terror: Infamy will start airing in the U.K. on Oct. 7.

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