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George Takei Talks Terror With EW; THR Advises Watching Seasons 1, 2

This week, George Takei speaks with Entertainment Weekly about The Terror: Infamy‘s supernatural inspiration, while The Hollywood Reporter recommends watching Season 1 and the upcoming Season 2. Plus, Bloody Disgusting looks at Season 2’s first footage. Read on for more:

• George Takei speaks with Entertainment Weekly about the supernatural element of The Terror: Infamy, explaining, “There is the old Japanese literary form called Kaidan — ghost tales — that is fused into [the show].”

The Hollywood Reporter recommends watching The Terror, both Season 1 (which “established a chilly historical-horror”) and the upcoming Season 2 (which focuses on “an odd set of deaths in a Japanese-American internment camp during World War II”).

Bloody Disgusting checks out the first footage for The Terror: Infamy, calling Season 2 “haunting and suspenseful.”

The New York Times includes The Terror in its summer TV preview, noting that Season 2 “tells an Asian-American story with a predominantly Asian cast…Infamy also has an Asian-American showrunner (Alexander Woo) and, for extra authenticity, George Takei as a performer and historical consultant.”

Rolling Stone says of The Terror: Infamy that “AMC’s stellar attempt to one-up American Horror Story continues with a new season, a new setting and a new story,” in “the internment camps populated by Japanese-Americans during WWII as persecuted citizens battle prejudices, paranoia and malevolent spirits on our own soil.”

• Noting that The Terror has a 95 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes, Metro lauds the show, which “impressed with its chilling take on an ill-fated Victorian Royal Navy voyage to the Arctic.”

• Including The Terror: Infamy in its summer TV preview, Den of Geek observes, “While we expect plenty of creepy and gruesome moments when the show returns in August, if the first season is any indication, this second helping will be as much about the horror you can see as the ones that lie in wait deep inside man’s heart.”

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