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What Crozier’s Face-Off With the Tuunbaq Really Reveals

The men have one last fight ahead of them. On the Season Finale of The Terror, the Tuunbaq approaches the remaining crew with the same intent it’s had in all its previous attacks — kill these men and take their souls. But amongst the fear and desperation, none of them have stopped to think just why the Tuunbaq is doing this… until now.

The men’s bodies are tainted with poison and each one the Tuunbaq eats makes the creature more sick. After swallowing Hickey whole, the creature finally collapses, lying face-to-face with Crozier.

“[Crozier’s] opened up the possibility that maybe they are the antagonists in this story,” explains co-showrunner Dave Kajganich. Hear what else the cast and showrunners have to say about the captain’s realization that the men of the expedition may have committed a great sin.

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