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TheWrap‘s Ridley Scott Q&A; TV Guide on One of TV’s Best Horror Series

This week, TheWrap discusses The Terror with Ridley Scott, while TV Guide calls The Terror one of TV’s best horror series. Plus, TV Insider wants some awards love for the show. Read on for more:

• Ridley Scott tells TheWrap that “coming up with another show, almost an entirely different story is the target next. And I think we had a very good run of the ship with [AMC], so I think they’re looking for more.”

• In an article titled “How The Terror Became One of TV’s Best Horror Series,” TV Guide speaks with Soo Hugh, who says that “from where we stand now in the 21st Century, we wanted to create a visual look for what 1865, 1868 and 1870 would look like, that world doesn’t exist anymore, and that is of our doing.”

TV Insider would love to see The Terror “get some attention in the always-competitive limited-series field…consider this one last plug for an excellent adaptation of a tremendous book.”

• In that vein, The Hollywood Reporter thinks it’s possible The Terror could get a Best Limited Series Emmy nod and Jared Harris could get one for Best Actor in a Limited Series or a Television Movie.

Newsweek interviews David Kajganich, who notes, “The first episode kind of give the audience a primer in what the whole show will traffic in, in terms of tone. Everything that’s coming has some sort of antecedent in the first episode. We knew that psychedelic bending of reality was coming and we wanted to let them know, even in a small way.”

Vox, lauding The Terror as “one of the best new series of the year,” enthuses, “The thing that makes The Terror special is how careful it is to avoid the trappings of most TV horror, which too often substitutes big jump scares for something more thoughtful.”

• “Once we knew that we were going to have this image of this boat on top of this hill, sort of landlocked, we knew we were going to want to frame some of those shots like that famous painting of Washington crossing the Delaware,” David Kajganich says to IndieWire about the final attack sequence., which calls The Terror “one of the best new series of the year, and one of the best horror series in ages,” speaks with Soo Hugh, who describes the final shot as “so mesmerizing, especially the music and you feel like after everything we’ve been through, we’ve earned that moment with him [Crozier].”

• David Kajganich, speaking with Rotten Tomatoes, reveals, “I’ve been impressed by the number of people on social media that have admitted that they probably would eat a friend if pushed that far. I mean, it’s impressive.”

• Discussing designing the Tuunbaq, Neville Page explains to Syfy Wire, “We wanted the face in this bear to show intelligence. We needed it to be scary, but also sympathetic, and culturally speaking, it needed to be Inuit.”

• Talking about casting The Terror with Business Insider, David Kajganich says, “We wanted to match actors with roles they had never played before because we thought that would be one of the best ways to get all of these actors’ A-games … give them roles that were different.”

IGN decides to “check in with what history tells us about the lost expedition.”

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