Season 1, Episode 10

We Are Gone

The expedition's epic journey reaches its climax as men find themselves in a final confrontation with the Inuit mythology they've trespassed into.

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Full Recap

Captain Francis Crozier is escorted back to the mutineers' camp after being captured. He notices Cornelius Hickey is wearing Commander James Fitzjames's boots, which means Fitzjames's grave was found.

At the Terror camp, Lieutenant Edward Little proposes a rescue party for Crozier and any others being held against their will, but the men have already voted to keep moving south as Crozier instructed.

In the mutineers’ sick bay tent, Crozier secretly asks Doctor Henry Goodsir for details about the camp and remains confident that Little will show up for a standoff. Goodsir retrieves David Young's ring and asks that Crozier give it to David's sister when he returns to London. Crozier assures Goodsir that he'll survive and give it to her himself, but Goodsir doubts he'll leave the camp. Goodsir asks about Lady Silence, who Crozier assures is safe with her people. Magnus Manson enters to take Crozier to Hickey and apologizes for not referring to Crozier as "Captain" anymore – per Hickey. When Manson steps out to wait for Crozier, Goodsir instructs Crozier to refuse to eat him if Goodsir is made into a meal. If Hickey insists Crozier partake, Goodsir warns Crozier to only eat the soles of his feet.

The men start to flee the Terror camp, leaving behind those too sick to travel. Lieutenant Thomas Jopson hallucinates Crozier sitting at a banquet table and desperately tries to reach him.

Hickey invites Crozier into his tent and recounts how he recruited Lieutenant George Hodgson. Crozier says he forgives everyone but Hickey. Hickey deems them equals and says they're on the eve of "quite an important day."

That night, Crozier is shackled and put in a tent with Diggle. Diggle offers to help unlock Crozier's shackles so he can run. Crozier urges him to wait, as he wants to take more men with him, but tells him to look out for a signal from him.

Goodsir disrobes and rubs his entire body with a mixture of tinctures. He then downs a bottle and slashes his wrists with a shard of glass.

The next morning, everyone is ordered out of their tents.

Crozier walks out and sees Goodsir's butchered naked body on a camp table. Hickey explains Goodsir gave them a gift by killing himself and demand Crozier partake in eating him. Crozier is careful to only eat a piece of Goodsir's foot sole. Hickey tells the men they all have "parts to play" in what comes next, then hits Sergeant Solomon Tozer in the back of the head with a musket.

In London, Sir James Ross updates George Barrow on the rescue mission for Crozier and Sir John Franklin. George instead focuses on finding "it," meaning the Northwest Passage.

Crozier, Hodgson, Tozer and Robert Golding are chained to a boat sledge as they pull it up a hill. When the group reaches the top, Hickey instructs Pilkington to fire a shot to bait the Tuunbaq. The men only have four guns amongst them and suggest they kill the creature and use it for food and fur. Hickey announces he has a different plan. He explains he killed "a man called Cornelius Hickey" so he could take his spot on the Terror and start anew once they reached the Sandwich Islands. Now that the expedition has failed, Hickey plans to go "only forward." Soon, the Tuunbaq – now thin and sickly – approaches from a distance.

Some of the men start vomiting from eating Goodsir’s tainted body. Crozier signals Thomas Armitage to shoot Hickey, but Manson shoots Armitage before he gets the chance. The Tuunbaq appears and attacks Pilkington and Diggle first. Hickey remains planted atop the boat sledge, taking in the scene, and tenderly reaches out to the creature. As the Tuunbaq continues picking off the men, Hickey takes a knife and cuts his tongue out as an offering. The creature bites off Hickey's forearm and takes him into his mouth. The creature immediately starts gagging, then slashes at Crozier and collapses. Crozier watches it die.

Lady Silence travels the island and finds Charles Des Voeux, who ran from the Tuunbaq earlier, begging for help. She leaves him.

Lady Silence walks into the grotesque aftermath of the Tuunbaq attack. She sees Crozier, unconscious and still chained to the men the Tuunbaq has devoured. She tries to break his shackles with a rock, but fails. She cuts his hand off to free him.

Lady Silence carries Crozier in her sled back to the mutineers' camp and stops short when she sees Goodsir's mutilated body. She takes Crozier inside the sick bay tent to tend to him. That night, Crozier murmurs in his sleep.

Lady Silence continues caring for Crozier. He awakens one morning and plans to go back and find his men.

The next day, Crozier and Lady Silence travel to the Terror camp. Crozier finds Jopson's dead body and cries.

Crozier and Lady Silence follow the track left by Little and the others and are led to another abandoned camp. They keep waking south and find the last camp the men made it to, full of dead men and evidence of cannibalism. Crozier spots someone sitting up inside a tent and rushes over to find Little, halfway dead and face pierced with gold pocketwatch chains. Little manages to ask, "Close?"

Lady Silence takes Crozier back to her village.

That night, a hunter tells Crozier he can stay with the tribe during the winter. Crozier is surprised to be welcomed after the Tuunbaq's death. During the exchange, Crozier learns that Lady Silence's name is Silna.

Silna leaves the camp during the middle of the night.

The next day, the hunter tells Crozier that Silna can no longer be with the village since she lost the Tuunbaq. Crozier, hysterical, asks where she's gone, but no one knows.

In September of 1850, two years later, a hunter warns the village that two White men are approaching. Crozier hides and instructs him on what to relay.

Sir James Ross talks to the hunter with the help of a translator. The hunter passes along a warning from Crozier: "Tell those who come after us not to stay. The ships are gone. There's no way through. No passage. Tell them we are gone. Dead and gone."

Time passes and Crozier, now older, walks with the Netsilik across the vast landscape of ice. He finds a seal hole and waits in silence with a harpoon as a young boy sleeps peacefully beside him.