Season 1, Episode 9

The C, The C, The Open C

Hope comes in strange forms, and the question of what the men are willing to do to survive begins to be settled in both noble and horrifying ways.

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Full Recap

At the London Cultural Society, Charles Dickens addresses a crowd of elite attendees and invites Lady Jane Franklin to speak. Lady Jane tells the crowd about her rescue mission to save her husband's expedition and urges them to donate.

The next day, at the Terror camp, the men arrange the corpses of those attacked by the Tuunbaq.

In the sick bay tent, Commander James Fitzjames notes that 32 of their men are dead and 23 are unaccounted for, including Lieutenant George Hodgson and Dr. Henry Goodsir. John Bridgens doubts Goodsir left voluntarily.

Crozier gives his remaining men a heartfelt speech about persevering despite their losses, then instructs Lieutenant Thomas Jopson to burn the dead. Fitzjames suggests also burning any surplus supplies to spite Hickey, but Crozier doesn’t wish to punish the men who left out of fear. He decides to leave their supplies out "as an offering."

The men start walking south, as the corpses of their fallen comrades go up in flames.

Elsewhere on King William Island, Hodgson sits alone and starving. He tries to eat a piece of his leather boot and loses a tooth in the process. Hickey's group – Goodsir among them – appears on the horizon and Hodgson rushes towards them. Hickey tells him he still has a place among them.

Fitzjames collapses and apologizes to Crozier for slowing the men down. Crozier assures him "there's time."

Hickey's group sets up camp. As the men eat from lead-poisoned food tins, Hickey assures Hodgson that they must eat whatever they can in order to survive.

Gibson visits the sick bay tent and Goodsir bluntly tells him he's dying. Hickey steps in and sees Gibson's deteriorating condition. He smiles and promises to “make the best of a bad situation,” then goes to his personal tent to retrieve a knife. Hickey returns to the sick bay and stabs Gibson in his back. Goodsir tries to intervene, but it's too late.

Lieutenant Edward Little delivers a report to Crozier gathered by a sweep party sent out. According to the party, the Tuunbaq was spotted out west. Fitzjames begins yelling out in agony. Then men set up camp to rest.

Crozier meets with the lieutenants. They're almost out of food and oil. Little suggests the sick men rest at camp and be rescued later. Crozier refuses to leave any man behind.

Lady Silence talks with a Netsilik hunter, who notes there are too many people competing for food on the island. He plans to call for another shaman to find the Tuunbaq and "balance things again." The hunter reminds Lady Silence of her responsibility to her people since the Tuunbaq is still hers.

Crozier and Bridgens watch over Fitzjames. Fitzjames encourages Crozier to use his body to feed the men and begs to be put out of his misery. Bridgens hands Crozier a medicinal bottle and leaves the two men alone. Crozier pours the liquid down Fitzjames throat.

The next day, Crozier instructs Fitzjames' body be buried and hidden.

Robert Golding, of the sweep party, informs Crozier that the creature is still tracking them from the west. Thomas Blanky volunteers to distract the creature so the group can carry on. Crozier forbids it. "I'm not saying goodbye to two friends in one day!" he yells. Blanky reveals his festering leg, knowing he's doomed. Crozier tears and finally agrees. Blanky asks for 50 forks and enough rope to wrap around his body several times. The two laugh hysterically and embrace.

Crozier's group heads southeast while Blanky starts walking west.

Harry Peglar collapses and Bridgens rushes over to help him. Jopson looks up at the sky and sees a bird.

Sergeant Solomon Tozer alerts Hickey to the location of Crozier's group.

Hickey puts Goodsir in charge of hacking up Gibson's body so the men can eat it. When Goodsir refuses, Hickey reminds him that his anatomy skills are the very reason why Goodsir was brought. Hickey threatens to torture Hodgson for as long as Goodsir doesn't obey. "You will stand apart no longer," Hickey warns. "Don't indulge your morals over your practicals."

Later, Goodsir hears Hodgson in trouble. He yells for Hodgson to be left alone and agrees to meet Hickey's request. As Goodsir disrobes Gibson's body, he finds the ring that Hickey gifted to Gibson. He recognizes it as David Young's.

Blanky reaches a view of the shoreline and scans the horizon where he sees three low islands in the distance. He unfolds his map detailing the journey of the expedition and writes "Nor'west Passage" in an unmarked section. He yells in excitement and celebrates with a smoke.

At Hickey's camp, the men eat Gibson's body while Goodsir sits alone in his tent.

That night, Hodgson visits Goodsir’s tent. Goodsir is turned away, but Hodgson recounts a childhood story about the first time he visited a Catholic church. He admits that he would kill Hickey if he were braver. Goodsir remains quiet.

The next day, Tozer warns Hickey that the creature is bound to find their group. Hickey wonders if they can bait it in Crozier's direction, but Tozer begs they return to the ships altogether since the ice is beginning to melt. He tears as he remembers seeing the creature take Second Master Henry Collins’ soul. Hickey tells Tozer to signal to their "friend" ahead.

In the sick bay, Bridgens smiles as he reads Peglar's diary. He caresses Peglar's dead body, then goes out off on his own.

Tozer, Thomas Armitage and two other mutineers talk amongst themselves about possibly getting back to the ships.

Crozier gives Jopson a sick bath and tells him a funny story to cheer him.

The next day, Golding tells Crozier and Little about a passageway he saw. It would save the men weeks of travel.

Lady Silence carves an amulet of a woman, in bone. The Netsilik hunter tells her "he's arrived."

Crozier, Little and Thomas Hartnell hike down to a strait to scope out the passageway and realize Golding was lying. Just then, a few of the mutineers appear. Hartnell tries to cover Crozier and is shot by Des Voeux. Des Voeux demands Crozier be handed over and confiscates his guns. Crozier instructs Little to keep leading the men forward without him.

Bridgens hikes alone in the wasteland, then lies down with Peglar's diary clutched tightly to his chest.

In London, Sophia Cracroft steps barefoot in the snow and forces herself to feel the cold.

Blanky is wrapped up in rope and forks as the Tuunbaq approaches him from behind. He laughs as it inches closer.