Season 1, Episode 8

Terror Camp Clear

Deaths under mysterious circumstances create paranoia among the men, and some of the crew may be considering mutiny.

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Full Recap

Captain Francis Crozier and Commander James Fitzjames walk across King William Island and talk. Crozier plans to keep information about the Tuunbaq away from the Admiralty to prevent future crews from risking their lives in hopes of a bounty. Fitzjames notices Crozier refers to the Tuunbaq as "our creature" and uses the pronoun "he." They find a rock-pile cairn where Lieutenant Graham Gore left a position report the previous year, and mark the date of Captain Sir John Franklin's death.

As they walk back to camp, Fitzjames talks about his bleeding gums and deteriorating health. He admits he was only appointed on the expedition as commander because he paid to have a scandal involving Sir John Barrow's son settled. “When the Admiralty announced there would be another attempt at the Passage, I only had to say the word,” he explains. Crozier still considers Ftizjames a courageous man and a brother.

Crozier and Fitzjames arrive back at camp and see the Marines running.

Crozier, Fitzjames and Thomas Blanky are briefed on the deaths of Farr and Lieutenant John Irving, who Lieutenant George Hodgson says were killed by the Netsilik. Hodgson explains that they killed five of the Netsilik, as a result, though one got away. Crozier presses for more information and learns that Cornelius Hickey was the only one who saw the initial attack. Crozier demands to see the bodies.

Crozier observes Irving's hacked body in the sick bay. He fetches Lady Silence and asks if her people do things "like this." She shakes her head no.

Hickey sits among some of the men and recounts a detailed account of the bogus Netsilik attack. "These people will not be our friends," he warns. Jopson – now in his position as Lieutenant – fetches Hickey so he can show Crozier where the attack happened.

In the command tent, Crozier warns Little against arming additional men. When Crozier walks out, Fitzjames tells Little to keep the men ready in case Hickey is telling the truth "but calm in case he is not."

Crozier, Lady Silence, Blanky, Hickey, Dr. Henry Goodsir and a few armed Marines head out to the attack site. Hickey secretly whispers "guns" to Sergeant Solomon Tozer as he leaves.

In the sick bay, John Bridgens – who is assisting in the sick bay – treats Second Master Henry Collins' cuticles. Harry Peglar enters and Bridgens brings him behind a separate curtain, leaving Collins alone. Peglar shows Bridgens the bruises he's been getting on his body. Bridgens caresses his face and assures him that it's still "early days" for him. Meanwhile, a bottled tincture catches Collins' attention.

Lady Silence falls to her knees upon seeing the dead Netsilik bodies. Goodsir asks if they were her friends. She nods.

A thick fog begins to envelop the camp. Charles Des Voeux asks Tozer for a gun in case they can’t see any Netsilik coming. Tozer coerces him into pretending he’s heard something suspicious that would warrant him being armed. Des Voeux plays along and Tozier hands him his musket.

In the command tent, Fitzjames inspects bruises on his body.

Little finds men taking guns from the armory and berates Tozer. Tozer admits he was not given an order to arm the camp but is confident an attack will be staged using the fog as cover. Little concedes.

Collins, in a daze from a high, roams carefreely around the camp.

Crozier's group arrives back at camp. Fitzjames warns Crozier that the men are armed and fears Lady Silence’s safety. Crozier instructs Lady Silence to find her people and wishes her well. Before she walks off, Goodsir asks her to consider staying. Lady Silence smiles and leaves.

Hickey finds Gibson and Magnus Manson. He tells them to secure guns and guesses their secret group may depart the camp as soon as today.

In the command tent, Crozier reprimands Little for trading "an imaginary invasion from without for a real invasion from within.” Crozier cites his suspicions about Hickey and his "coven."

In the sick bay, Dr. Goodsir cuts open Irving's stomach and sees seal meat. Hodgson and Little realize the Netsilik fed Irving, which contradicts Hickey's story. Crozier calls for a camp sweep to disarm every man except the ones they can trust. He also orders Hickey and Tozer be arrested and carpenters build a gallows.

Goodsir worries when he sees an empty medicinal bottle in the sick bay.

Hickey lies in his tent with Jopson keeping watch.

Hickey and Tozer are brought to the gallows. A noose is put around Hickey's neck, though it is not tightened. Crozier addresses the camp and admits he hid the fact that there is no rescue coming for them. He reveals Hickey's treacherous actions and insists they can't have "gammoning dogs" among them if they are to survive. Crozier asks for volunteers to man the rope and a few men step forward. Before Hickey is hung, he's given a chance to offer final words. Hickey tells the men about Crozier's original plan to resign from the expedition – the same day Franklin was killed. Collins approaches, laughing hysterically and riding his high. Just then, a growl echoes through the camp and the Tuunbaq comes charging. The men run and Hickey escapes amid the chaos.

Crozier and Little find Tozer and Hickey coming out of the Armory with several guns in hand. Crozier shoots at Hickey's hand, prompting him to drop the guns and run off. Tozer runs off as well.

Armitage, Manson and Gibson start grabbing supplies for their group. They search for Goodsir, but he hides.

Fitzjames makes it to the armory and unlocks a case full of rockets.

Collins stumbles around the camp, stepping over bodies that have been attacked by the creature.

Hickey's group fills a boat with supplies and prepare to make their exit. They strap Diggle, the cook, into a harness without filling him in on their plan.

Little corners Tozer. Tozer tries to convince Little to join Hickey's group, but he refuses. Armitage knocks Little to the ground.

Fitzjames launches rockets at the Tuunbaq. As it runs out of the camp, it finds Collins and rips into him. Tozer watches in horror as the Tuunbaq breathes in Collins' soul.