Season 1, Episode 7

Horrible from Supper

As the men make new attempts to find rescue, a series of shocking events underscores how vulnerable and exposed their situation has become.

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Full Recap

In a flashback, one month before the expedition, Lieutenant George Hodgson reviews assignment papers from the seamen who will be joining the Terror crew. A man hands over papers identifying himself as Mr. Hickey.

In the present, the men pack supplies and prepare to abandon the Terror.

Gibson worries about the whereabouts of the Tuunbaq.

John Morfin, weak, struggles to keep up with the men. Doctor Henry Goodsir plans to alter his medication.

Gibson speaks his mind among Magnus Manson, Golding, Thomas Armitage and Sergeant Solomon Tozer. He proposes breaking off into a smaller group. Tozer suggests waiting until the larger group hauls all the supplies to solid ground. Hickey suspects other men might feel the same way and suggests they "sort the ranks out” in advance.

On Terror, Captain Francis Crozier meets with a group of men who are voluntarily staying behind and instructs them where to sail should the ice thaw. He acknowledges their sacrifice and hopes they'll be able to complete the Passage. Afterwards, Crozier enters his cabin alone and writes "Captain Crozier gives order to abandon ships" in the log.

Crozier and Ice Master Thomas Blanky take one last stroll through the ship. Crozier notices a cubby with the initials "EC" etched on it.

Then men start their journey and hack away at ice so they can pull their boat sledges over the pressure ridges. Morfin falls over.

That evening, the men set up a temporary camp. Goodsir finds Second Master Henry Collins and asks how he's doing. Collins sobs and admits the carnivale fire has been haunting him. He says he can "smell" his burning friends.

Goodsir immediately goes to Crozier's tent to propose they start preparing hunting parties to find game, as the men cannot continue eating from the lead-poisoned tinned foods. Crozier insists they must wait until they reach King William Island, but acknowledges the burden placed on Goodsir while he keeps the secret.

The next day, the men line up for food. Hickey notices that Goodsir isn't eating any of the food and prevents Lady Silence from doing so as well.

A ghastly sight catches Tozer and Morfin’s attention while on patrol. They fetch Crozier and Captain James Fitzjames to see as well: seven dismembered heads alongside an overturned boat. Crozier realizes it's Lieutenant Fairholme's rescue party sent out a year ago, meaning there's no help coming from the south. Crozier orders it be kept secret.

Crozier helps the men continue pulling their boats until they reach an enormous pressure ridge. Crozier and Fitzjames climb it to scope out the other side. At the peak, they see tents arranged on flat graveled land and a tattered flag of the United Kingdom. They've reached King William Island, where a sledge party led by Lieutenant Edward Little has set up camp some time ago.

Little assures Crozier he saw no signs of the Tuunbaq during his journey. Tozer approaches and suggests arming additional men in the camp as they're down to eight Marines. He mentions a few men who might be fit, including Hickey. Crozier plans to reserve guns for Marines and officers only. After Tozer walks off, Crozier admits "some of those names" are not adept.

That night, Goodsir uncovers Jacko's body from a jar in his belongings. "I am trying," he says.

Outside of the tents, Morfin yells out in agony. Goodsir rushes over and Morfin begs to be killed. When Crozier forbids it, Morfin grabs a gun and points it at Crozier. Goodsir and Crozier try to calm Morfin, but Morfin begins to squeeze the trigger. Tozer shoots Morfin in the head.

Goodsir cries in his tent. Lady Silence enters and lies down with him, calming him.

The next day, Goodsir wakes up alone.

In his tent, Crozier asks Thomas Hartnell if others were involved the night Hickey brought Lady Silence back to the ships. Hartnell mentions Armitage, then is dismissed. Thomas Jopson enters to offer his steward services.

Morfin is buried.

During a command meeting, Crozier tells the officers about the poisoned tinned foods. He makes plans to assemble two hunting parties and promotes Jopson to Lieutenant, deeming it "an emergency measure" but one that is sincere as Jopson has earned their trust. Jopson is taken aback.

Hickey brings Hodgson to his tent where Tozer is waiting. Hickey tells Hodgson that their food is making everyone "weak and weird” and any game they find can’t possibly feed them all. Hickey uncovers a duffel bag with the ship dog's butchered body inside. Hodgson, horrified, says the dog was their only alarm against the creature. Hickey claims innocence and says he put it down after it broke its leg. "There will be a moment when the numbers make sense," Hickey says. "We need an officer who sees things clearly." Hickey offers to be his Lieutenant in a "new arrangement."

Armitage, Hodgson, Hickey, Pocock, Farr and Lieutenant John Irving – all armed – walk along King William Island, looking for game. Hodgson suggests splitting up and goes east with Armitage and Pocock.

Hickey, Irving and Farr walk south and spot a traveling Netsilik hunting party in the distance. Irving decides to approach them alone as not to alarm them. Hickey and Farr wait atop a hill.

One of the Netsilik introduces himself to Irving as Koveyook. Irving opens his mouth and gestures for food. Koveyook offers seal and Irving offers his telescope in return. Irving looks up at the hill and notices Hickey and Farr are gone. He gestures for the Netsilik to stay put, then goes back up the hill. Irving finds a bare-chested Hickey crouching over Farr, whose throat has been cut. Hickey repeatedly stabs Irving in the ribs, then covers his mouth with his hand until he dies.

In a flashback, the Terror crew moves aboard. Hickey hands his assignment papers to Hodgson, who doesn't recognize him. It’s the same papers from the real “Mr. Hickey” that introduced himself to Hodgson a month prior. Hickey cites the beard he's grown and is allowed on-board. When Hickey doesn't understand a nautical term, Irving asks if he's ever been on a ship before or if the Terror is simply a change of pace for him. "Change of everything," Hickey replies.