Season 1, Episode 5

First Shot a Winner, Lads

A strange illness begins to show itself while another more familiar one jeopardizes the expedition's most valuable resource - its captain's judgment.

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Full Recap

Out on the ice, Lieutenant H.T.D. Le Vesconte and mate Charles Des Voeux watch a canon go off in the distance. They gauge how long it takes for the sound to arrive and mark the atmospheric pressure and temperature.

Lieutenant Edward Little meets with Commander James Fitzjames in the Great Room. Fitzjames notes Captain Francis Crozier’s repeated absences, then instructs Little to take Lady Silence back to Terror.

With Lady Silence's assistance, Dr. Henry Goodsir writes Inuktitut words in a notebook and plans to make a dictionary. Goodsir tells Little he wants to go back to Terror with Lady Silence.

In the Erebus sick bay, Dr. Stephen Stanley cuts off Le Vesconte's frostbitten toes. Goodsir seeks Stanley's blessing to relocate to Terror. Stanley nonchalantly obliges and teases Goodsir about his growing friendship with Lady Silence.

In the forecastle, Fitzjames inspects the new men aboard his ship who’ve come from Terror. Afterward, Second Master Henry Collins informs Fitzjames that, per Crozier, Little has taken 16 bottles from the spirit room.

Little, Goodsir and Lady Silence are escorted to Terror by armed Marines. On the way, mate Frederick Hornby collapses.

In the Terror forecastle, Cornelius Hickey and lead caulker Thomas Darlington patch up problem areas on the ship. Hickey looks on as Little's group arrives with Lady Silence and Hornby's corpse.

Lady Silence is shown to a slop closet.

Little finds Crozier and Ice Master Thomas Blanky in the Great Room and updates them on Hornby and Lady Silence. Crozier excuses Blanky. When they're alone, Little tells Crozier he couldn't find any whiskey – only rum and gin. Crozier tells Little to find some in James' personal store before he finishes his last two bottles.

In the sick bay, Hickey thanks Goodsir for his kindness and care. He then tries to pry for information about Lady Silence, but Goodsir sees through his attempt.

Goodsir tells Dr. Alexander MacDonald about the gray line he saw on AB John Morfin's gums while on Erebus and tries to reach a diagnosis. MacDonald acknowledges him as a fellow doctor.

Hickey finds junior steward Gibson and asks him to keep an ear to the ground when he’s around the officers. In exchange, Hickey gifts him with a ring he got from “somebody who didn’t need it anymore.”

AB Thomas Hartnell and Magnus Manson are in charge of carrying Hornby's body to the Hold, but Manson says he’s "heard" his dead friends there. Lieutenant John Irving dismisses his fears and threatens to make Manson sit in the "dead room" if he doesn't comply. Hickey helps Manson.

In the sick bay Sergeant Solomon Tozer talks to a comatose Private Heather, whose skull was ripped away by the creature.

Up on deck, Lieutenant George Hodgson, AB Golding and Hartnell fire off a canon. Golding worries about alerting the creature.

Goodsir and Lady Silence meet with Crozier, Little and Blanky in the Great Room. In Inuktitut, Crozier asks about the creature. When Lady Silence mentions "Tuunbaq," Blanky recalls the word being spoken to her father and compares it to a similar-sounding Yupik word that translates to "a spirit that dresses as an animal." Crozier asks how to kill it and grows angry when she doesn't cooperate. Blanky guesses Lady Silence might also be scared of the creature, but Crozier orders she be taken off the ship and denied protection. Lady Silence accuses Crozier of not actually wanting help. "Why do you want to die?" Blanky relays. Fitzjames walks in to confront Crozier about the stolen liquor. Crozier punches him. Blanky warns Crozier that "what happened to John Ross at Fury Beach” can happen to him, too. Crozier dismisses him and orders him out on the ice.

Dr. MacDonald overhears the commotion. Blanky tells him that Crozier is "ill with it now."

Blanky makes his way up on deck and hears a scream. Tozer yells out a warning that the Tuunbaq has killed Darlington. The Tuunbaq appears before Blanky. Blanky climbs up the spar to the ship's foretop, but the creature follows behind him. Blanky yells out for someone to man the canon.

As Blanky continues climbing the ship, the Tuunbaq swipes his leg. Blanky lights a lantern and hurls it at the creature, which shows the men below where to point the canon. The canon is shot, bringing the Tuunbaq tumbling down. It runs off and leaves a trail of blood while Blanky's body hangs from above, caught in the riggings. Crozier watches as Lady Silence runs off, too.

Blanky is brought to the sick bay. Crozier immediately volunteers to help.

Goodsir looks for Lady Silence, but sees she's left. He spots some drawings she's made on the walls and a collection of beads of lead.

Crozier offers up a bottle of whiskey to help ease Blanky while Dr. MacDonald saws off his leg.

In a meeting with MacDonald, Fitzjames, Little and Jopson, Crozier announces that he’s ill. He requests it be kept a secret while he recovers and puts Fitzjames in charge with Little as proxy. "We mustn't stop until it is finished," Crozier begs. "You mustn't let me." Crozier hands over his last bottle of whiskey and his pistol.

On Erebus, Goodsir opens cans of provisions from Stephan Goldner Tinned Foods Co. He summons Captain Sir John Franklin's monkey, Jacko, and watches her eat.