Season 1, Episode 4

Punished, as a Boy

A cunning attack on the ships proves the men are not battling an ordinary enemy, and that the region's Inuit culture may hold a key to their survival.

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Full Recap

In a waiting room at The Admiralty, Lady Jane Franklin and Sophia Cracroft worry about Captain Sir John Franklin’s mission. Jane thinks Charles Dickens could be a potential ally in a rescue cause. Sophia says she's made a huge mistake, but before she can explain, a guard walks in.

Jane and Sophia are escorted to a board room of officers. Lady Jane demands a rescue place be put in place. She fears Franklin’s safety and reminds the men that he was not a top choice to lead the expedition. Sir John Barrow tries to dismiss concern, but Sir John Ross agrees with her. Sir James Ross promises that if no word comes back by 1850, "I shall go and search myself."

After the meeting, Jane decides to raise money for a rescue mission.

On Terror, the shipmen cheer while AB William Strong gets his head shaved.

On Erebus, Henry Goodsir observes the Marines portrait he took just before Franklin was attacked, then takes out photos of Sergeant David Bryant's corpse and studies the wounds.

On Terror, steward Thomas Jopson prepares a drunk Captain Francis Crozier for an officers meeting. Jopson mentions their spoiled canned food may be due to lead poisoning. Gun shots are fired up on deck.

On deck, Private Heather lies on his back, part of his skull ripped away by the bear. The bear has also taken Strong. Crozier puts together a search party. A young ship boy, Thomas Evans, volunteers to join.

Evans accompanies Crozier out on the ice, separate from the other men in the search party. They hear a huff from over a pressure ridge. Crozier climbs up and finds Strong's jacket on the other side. When he climbs back over, Crozier finds Evans’ lantern sitting in a pool of blood.

The search parties return to Terror, defeated.
In the wardroom, Crozier blames himself for Evans’ death. He takes a swig of whiskey before Fitzjames suggests he cut down on drinking. Crozier expresses cynicism over the whole expedition and crassly admits he's only a part of it because Sophia asked him to look after Franklin. Fitzjames brings up Sophia's numerous rejections and Crozier realizes Franklin shared personal matters with him.

In the sick bay, doctors Peddie, Alexander MacDonald and Stephen Stanley try to figure out how to protect Heather's brain while Goodsir looks on.

In the forecastle, Sergeant Solomon Tozer is riled up from the Marines constantly risking their lives against the bear. A list of names is announced to take the next watch, including Cornelius Hickey’s.

Up on deck, Hickey sees a figure propped up against the stern rail. As he inches closer, he realizes it's Strong’s frozen corpse, his body split in half. Hickey sees the bear disappear in the wind. He asks Tozer for the location of Lady Silence's camp, which was spotted during the last sledge party.

In the sick bay, Dr. MacDonald realizes that Strong’s body is actually two men severed at their waists and stacked – the bottom half belonging to Evans. Crozier orders a party be sent out in the morning to find Lady Silence, then excuses himself for a moment alone.

In a flashback, at Franklin's house, Sophia tells Francis she does not wish to become a captain's wife. Francis is confident, despite his Catholic faith and diverse upbringing, he won’t be refused a “third time” by the admiralty for full command. Lady Jane overhears. “This will be the great tragedy of your life,” Jane tells him.

Back in the present, Crozier hears a commotion and makes his way up to the deck. Lady Silence has been brought back to Terror by force. Crozier demands to know who's responsible. Hickey, AB Thomas Hartnell and Magnus Manson stand. Crozier has Lady Silence safely escorted to Erebus while the three men are taken in for questioning.

In the Great Room, Hickey stands with Hartnell and Manson before Crozier, Fitzjames and Lieutenant Edward Little. Hickey describes the bear and recalls seeing it with Lady Silence inside her snow house. He defends his attempt to get ahead of another attack, but Crozier charges the men and decides on twelve lashes each as punishment. Hickey speaks out and Crozier decides to punish him “as a boy” with 30 lashes.

All hands assemble to witness the punishment. Hartwell and Manson receive their lashes on their back. Crozier announces "dirtiness" among Hickey's list of crimes before Hickey receives his lashes on his bare buttocks. Afterwards, Crozier informs everyone that Terror is sitting on a precarious pressure ridge. He gives the men the choice to move to Erebus and offers them a deal on alcohol should they choose to stay on Terror.

In the Erebus sick bay, Dr. Stanley treats AB John Morfin. Fitzjames steps in and puts Dr. Stanley in charge of taking care of Lady Silence. When Fitzjames leaves, Dr. Stanley gives the task to Goodsir instead. Goodsir notices a gray line along Morfin's gums.

On Terror, Hickey stumbles to his hammock in the forecastle and finds a ration of tobacco left as a gift.

Lieutenant John Irving finds Crozier drinking in the Great Room and tells him that only ten men have chosen to stay.

On Erebus, Goodsir brings food to Lady Silence. He tries to converse, but she doesn't respond. He apologizes for the hostility she's experienced and explains the mission to find a northwest passage.