Season 1, Episode 2


After a long winter trapped in the ice, scouting parties are sent out in search of open water. One of the teams makes a frightening discovery.

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Full Recap

It's the spring of 1847. Erebus and Terror have been trapped tightly in packed ice for eight months.

In the Engine Room of Erebus, the engineer Gregory assesses the ship's steam engine and predicts he can get it going once he receives good news from a lead party. Capt. Sir John Franklin and James Fitzjames discuss what direction they'll head toward next.

Outside, sledge teams prepare to venture out with whale boats and assess the ice conditions that lie ahead in various directions. Terror Capt. Francis Crozier is given a chance to motivate the teams, but offers up a flat "Travel well."

Lt. Gore leads his sledge team south toward King William Land.

In Crozier’s quarters, Franklin cites Crozier's standoffish behavior and suggests they repair their friendship. "It is simply that we are two men on two very different ships," Crozier explains.

Gore's team reaches a row of large icy peaks, with the shore of the island on the other side. On foot, they climb up and over and find a cairn. Gore signs a Royal Navy position report that reads "All well" and drops it down inside. Gore instructs Sgt. David Bryant to accompany him to the next cairn while the remaining men return to their sledge to set up camp.

Lt. John Irving enters the Engine Room on Terror and finds Gibson, the junior steward, and Cornelius Hickey, ship caulker, scurrying post-coitus. Irving states that Crozier's toilet needs fixing and walks off. Gibson worries they'll be lashed if Irving informs Command.

Gore's team returns to their sledge and sees their boat and supplies have been rummaged through. They guess it was a bear’s doing.

In the Erebus Great Room, Franklin chats with Fitzjames and wonders if he's done enough for Crozier. Fitzjames reminds him that Crozier wasn't a top choice for the expedition, but Franklin insists that he wasn't either. Erebus’s Steward, John Bridgens, knocks and announces that one of the lead parties have returned.

Outside, Lt. George Hodgson brings news that his team did not discover any signs of the ice yielding from the east.

In a flashback, Franklin sits at the dinner table in his home with his wife, Jane, and his niece, Sophia Cracroft. Sophia informs the couple that Crozier has proposed to her "again." Franklin tells her to act firmer against his advances, warning that "explorers are made of hope." Crozier looks into the dining room, then walks off.

Back in the present, Crozier and Ice Master Blanky have a laugh while recounting a shared memory, then discuss their current dire circumstances. Blanky knows Crozier doesn't trust Franklin like he did Sir James Ross.

That night, a storm brews and hail balls rain down onto the Gore camp. The men take cover. Soon, they hear an animal nearby and fire their guns in its direction. Up on the icy peaks, a woman kneels before an Inuit man, who has been shot. Just then, she stands to her feet and looks around frantically right before a large animal grabs Gore in its mouth.

The next day, Hickey fixes Crozier's toilet and is invited to sit down for a drink. Crozier informs him that the sled team sent west have returned with no leads. Irving enters with news that the last lead party has been sighted. He notices Hickey, but says nothing about what he saw in the Engine Room.

Outside, the crew cheers as Gore’s team returns, but the boat is missing. And so is Gore.

On the Erebus, the injured Inuit man is carried into the sick bay. It's the same man from David Young's hallucination. Dr. Stephen Stanley refuses to treat the man. Dr. Henry Goodsir assures he had nothing to do with the attack and is given permission to save him, but his female companion screams in the Inuktitut language. Crozier responds in her native tongue and calms her. He learns she is the man's daughter.

Goodsir attempts to remove the bullet lodged in the Inuit man, but the wound is severe. The Inuit woman begs her father not to die, adding, "Tuunbaq will not obey me. It's not going to be able to find you." As the man slips away, the woman tries to move his body – insisting that he must die under the sky – but he doesn't make it in time. Crozier asks to take the woman aboard Terror, but Franklin instructs him to stay put until they have more information about what happened to Gore's team.

That night, Goodsir recounts the events of the attack for the captains. He says they found a set of prints, twenty inches across, and worries that the animal tracked the team back to the ships after attacking Gore. Crozier crudely interrupts to ask about leads, but none were found. Before leaving, Goodsir mentions that the Inuit man was missing his tongue.

Crozier walks back to the Terror and finds Blanky and Dr. MacDonald watching over the Inuit woman. In her language, with assistance from Blanky and MacDonald, Crozier introduces himself and says his name was "Aglooka" in Igloolik. They try to learn more about her people, but the woman remains quiet and only whispers something to Crozier. "If we don't leave now, we're going to disappear," Crozier relays.