The Terror

Lady Silence

A member of the region's Netsilik people and the daughter of a formidable shaman, "Lady Silence" as she is nicknamed by the men of the expedition, begins our story as a dutiful young woman at risk of being overwhelmed by the destabilizing presence of two ships full of Europeans upsetting the delicate balance of her homeland. But she must quickly learn to manage her fears and find a way to attempt to protect her own people as well as some of the men on the expedition for whom she has come to feel an unexpected friendship. She and she alone may hold the key to reversing the supernatural disaster taking place alongside the men's desperate race for survival.

Played by Nive Nielsen

Nive Nielsen launched her career as the front woman of the Greenlandic group Nive and the Deer Children. While touring around the world, her namesake band was bestowed numerous Awards, including the Danish Crown Prince Couple’s Stardust Award, an Independent Music Award and even a nomination for the Nordic Music Prize. Nielsen isn’t just another indie rock sensation, though; she has also followed her passion to a career in film and TV. Her adventurous soul led Nielsen to pursue education far from her beloved Greenland, spending a year abroad in Spain before attending Red Cross Nordic United World College in Norway to participate in its international baccalaureate program. Nielsen eventually obtained her Bachelor of Arts in Politic Science from Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada, and then went on to attain her Master of Arts in Visual Anthropology from Goldsmiths College in the UK. While Nielsen was studying in Ottawa, her friend and future bandmate encouraged her to play the ukulele and write some songs. Despite never having written or sung before, Nielsen took it as a challenge and wrote the song “Room,” which later became one of the first songs produced by Nive and the Deer Children. Fronted by Nielsen, the group debuted with its self-released album, Nive Sings!, in 2009. The album was a huge success and would go on to achieve gold status in Greenland – where one in 10 people owns it. The band then toured extensively around the world, beginning with two incredible performances for dignitaries in the Selvstyre, Greenland’s parliament, followed by another for the Queen of Denmark. They would then go on to become the first Greenlandic band to participate at the South by Southwest festival, Iceland Airwaves, Eurosonic and Green Man. Due to the overwhelming success of Nive Sings!, the band landed a deal with Glitterhouse Records for a European release in 2012. Nive and the Deer Children soon returned with a second album, Feet First, originally released in 2016 and followed by extensive tours throughout Europe, North America, Japan and South Korea. After completing her studies abroad, Nielsen returned home to work for Greenland national TV and radio as a researcher, segment producer and, eventually, host. This experience led to roles on several locally produced shows and documentaries, as well as a small part in 2004’s The New World, starring Colin Farrell. Her music has since been included in several films, most notably Nuummioq, which was featured at Sundance International Film Festival. Nielsen will soon return to the studio with the band to begin work on the follow-up album to Feet First.

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