The Terror

Cornelius Hickey

Caulker's Mate on Terror, Cornelius Hickey is a young petty officer whose rank on the ships should, by any standard, keep him invisible to the officers. But Hickey is not quite what he seems. With streetwise intelligence and intense social ambition, he attempts to ingratiate and triangulate his way up the social ladder. But when his early efforts fail, a newfound contempt for authority leads him to an even more dangerous agenda, threatening the expedition from within even as the men battle terrifying forces from without.

Played by Adam Nagaitis

Adam Nagaitis was born and raised in England, and attended London’s prestigious Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. Since graduating in 2012, Nagaitis has had feature roles in Suffragette opposite Carey Mulligan and in The Commuter, starring Liam Neeson. He can also be seen in BBC shows Happy Valley, Banished and Outlaws. In 2017, Nagaitis appeared in The Man with the Iron Heart opposite Rosamund Pike.

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