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Eli’s Violent Past Catches Up With Him in This Shocking Scene

As the “honey hunt” kicks off in the latest episode, Eli finds a quiet place to sit — but he’s not alone for long.

Years ago when Eli’s sons Pete and Phineas were just boys, their home was attacked by the Apache while Eli was away. Pete and Phineas made it out alive, but their mother and other brother were killed.

Eli sought revenge and massacred the entire Apache village, minus a young boy. That young boy would grow up telling the story of the infamous Colonel McCullough so the Apache would always be on the hunt for the man that murdered so many of their own.

Now, the daughter of that Apache boy has finally found her way to Eli to seek her revenge.

“An entire village for your wife and son?” the woman cries in disbelief.

Watch the Episode 8 Talked About Scene

See if the woman goes through with her plan in this talked about scene.

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