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Pierce Brosnan Interviewed by Salma Hayek in Interview; Philipp Meyer Talks to Nerdist

This week, Salma Hayek interviews Pierce Brosnan (Eli McCullough) for Interview, while author Philipp Meyer talks to Nerdist about adapting his novel for TV. Plus, the Sioux City Journal speaks with Sydney Lucas (Jeannie McCullough). Read on for more:

• Speaking to Salma Hayek in Interview, Pierce Brosnan says The Son is about battling “for boundaries with Mexicans, and then there’s the Comanche, and the Law & Order League men, who are the Ku Klux Klan of their day. It’s this very volatile time in American history, where borders are being developed and boundaries are being made.”

Nerdist interviews Philipp Meyer, who says, “The actual magical part of the whole process was watching the actors become these people and realizing that my job as a writer in this case was to support these people.”

• Interviewed by the Sioux City Journal, Sydney Lucas reveals, “I’d never been on a horse before. It’s just amazing. Hopefully, in the future, I may get to shoot a gun.”

• Philipp Meyer tells about convincing Pierce Brosnan to join The Son, saying, “I had to push that one pretty hard, people think of him as James Bond. But when you look at him, he’s tall, he’s virile, he’s very charismatic, he’s actually a very typical Texan. He didn’t have to play this super suave, secret agent.”

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