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Love and War Collide in the Latest Episode — Watch Now

Young Eli has fallen for Prairie Flower, but she’s more dangerous to him than any buffalo hunter.

As Charges the Enemy comes closer to meeting his dowry and marrying Prairie Flower, Toshaway pushes Eli to do something: “Stop lying. You want Prairie Flower for yourself.” 

In the latest full episode, Toshaway urges young Eli to give Prairie Flower’s father a gift, per Comanche tradition, to earn his favor and respect.

Young Eli takes the advice and brings her father back a deer, but Charges the Enemy is watching.

Watch Episode 7, “Marriage Bond”

Meanwhile, in 1915, Pete‘s relationships are growing more complicated as well. With Sally in Austin to help with Jonas’s recovery, the animosity between the her and Pete grows.

Then, Maria pays Pete an unexpected visit while he’s alone at the ranch. She reveals that her husband isn’t actually dead, and she wanted Pete to know the truth. How will he respond to the news?

See if young Eli and Pete can keep their respective relationships alive in an all-new The Son on and AMC apps for mobile, Xbox One, Apple TV, Roku and Chromecast.

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