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Is Eli’s History Repeating Itself? Watch Episode 6 Now

The aftermath of the Sediciosos’ deadly attack at the McCullough Ranch has left a dark cloud over the town.

As Eli‘s family breaks at the seams in the latest full episode, he remains focused on the one thing he knows can save them: oil.

But oil can only make you rich if it’s yours…

Watch Episode 6, “The Buffalo Hunter”

In 1849, a young Eli also has something eating away at him.

Finally settled into his Comanche life, Eli is becoming an incremental part of the tribe — from inspecting a disease-ridden enemy camp to tricking buffalo hunters into thinking he’s a runaway slave to distract the incoming attack.

But these hunts are bringing in more white slaves, just like Eli.

“They expect you to work even if you don’t eat,” a young Eli explains to a newly captured German girl, Ingrid.

In the face of seeing his own history replayed in front of him, can Eli stay loyal to his Comanche family?

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