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Charles Makes a Grave Mistake in This Talked About Scene From Episode 6

After the attack on the McCullough Ranch, the family mourns the loss of Sullivan, a longtime friend of Eli’s and the man that saved Pete and Phineas’s lives when their mother and brother were murdered by the Apache.

Now, Pete’s eldest son Charles is looking for someone to blame.

He locks in on Ramon, an employee of the McCulloughs who was being used by the Sedicosos to track down the location of the ranch.

When Niles Gilbert, head of the Law & Order League, catches wind of Charles’s suspicions, he organizes a trial for Ramon — one in the middle of the woods, with a rope hanging from a tree.

What will Charles do when Niles takes Ramon’s punishment too far? See for yourself in this talked about scene from the latest episode.

Watch the Talked About Scene From Episode 6

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