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Cast and Creators on Who Turns Out to Be the Most Ruthless McCullough

“Phineas has always been the loyal, stable, older brother. When the chips are down, the son that Eli feels he can really depend on is Phineas,” Executive Producer/Showrunner Kevin Murphy notes in a new behind-the-scenes video.

Which might explain why Phineas is the son that Eli goes to with the plan to seize the oil seep from Pedro García’s land.

To Eli, this isn’t a choice at all, it’s a means of saving the family.

Go Inside Episode 8 With the Cast and Creators

Phineas quickly comes to realize that “this is the simplest answer for the complexity of the world that they live in,” according to David Wilson Barnes, who plays Phineas.

But while Eli and Phineas plot to save their future, a mysterious woman from Eli’s past is coming back for revenge.

“She’s been hunting Eli for a long time and her family has too,” Executive Producer/Co-Creator Phillip Meyer explains.

Hear the cast and creators talk Eli’s reaction to the woman, and why their interaction has everything to do with his plans for Pedro.

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