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USA Today Interviews Pierce Brosnan; Kevin Murphy Talks With Toronto Sun

This week, USA Today interviews Pierce Brosnan about The Son, while Executive Producer Kevin Murphy talks about the show with the Toronto Sun. Plus, The New York Times profiles Philipp Meyer, the novelist behind the series. Read on for more:

• Pierce Brosnan describes Eli to USA Today as “medieval-level brutal in one regard but tender and loving in the next because of his upbringing with the Comanche.”

• In the Toronto Sun, Executive Producer Kevin Murphy talks about The Son‘s portrayal of native Americans and white Europeans, saying, “We really wanted to make it clear that there are no good guys and bad guys. We’re much more interested in exploring Western civilization.”

• In The New York Times profile of Philipp Meyer, author of “The Son,” Zahn McClarnon (Toshaway) says, “As native people, we have been portrayed in a certain way throughout the history of television, with stereotypes. The producers were very open about changing things and listening to the cast and to the native advisers, and that’s the way it should be.”

• “The Son I don’t really consider a Western so to speak. It’s a family saga. It’s from this wonderful book by Philipp Meyer, and if people like the book I think they’ll really like this show,” Pierce Brosnan tells the Today Show.

• Pierce Brosnan, who portrays Eli McCullough, tells TV Insider The Son is “about the rise of three empires—oil, Texas and America—and I think it will appeal to fans of the Western genre and to those who enjoy exploring the lives of rich and powerful people and seeing their flaws.”

• In a conversation with Men’s Journal, Pierce Brosnan calls Eli “an old man born of violence, with a brutal and savage life from the beginning. There is a duality to the fact that he is as much Comanche as he is English.”

• Pierce Brosnan tells the Austin American-Statesman, “Eli McCullough is connected to my bones and my heart. He’s a father who has been down the road. He’s a self-made man. I’m very much of the same cloth.”

Entertainment Weekly checks out a clip from the Season Premiere where Pierce Brosnan’s character, Eli, “addresses an evening gathering on the occasion of his birthday, observing the changing times and the need to ‘roll with the punches.'”

• The Orlando Sentinel applauds The Son as “a family drama that’s an unexpected pleasure. It’s also a topical Western about race relations and border conflicts.”

• Reviewing The Son, Deadline praises Pierce Brosnan: “Elevating an already watchable performance where he plays not exactly the nicest man you are ever going to meet, Brosnan strides and growls his way across The Son with an earned ease of form.”

Newsday exclaims, “[Pierce] Brosnan is back on TV! Now that we’ve gotten past the most exciting part of The Son, the show looks good, too.”

• “I don’t think I’ve ever played a man as complex as this and as broad as this emotional grandeur. He is cleaved from an American mythology, heroic mythology, and a man who is very much an individual and a self-made man,” Pierce Brosnan tells St. Louis Post-Dispatch about Eli.

• Showrunner Kevin Murphy explains to The Globe and Mail that Pierce Brosnan “has the grace, the élan, the sophistication and charm of Eli. But there’s also a mystique about him. He can access this incredible, dark pragmatism.”

• Interviewed by Channel Guide Magazine, Pierce Brosnan says he was attracted to The Son “because of the man, because of this prototypical American hero, because of the determination that he has. The brutality and savagery of this man who is self-made and goes on to create an empire, and of the storytelling of the history of Texas.”

• Speaking with Austin Monthly, Philipp Meyer says Pierce Brosnan was “really perfect for the character in every single way. I mean, he had been James Bond for so long that he handles a gun amazingly well. He rides amazingly well. Pierce looks like a guy who’s been doing this his whole life.”

• In its spring TV preview, features The Son, which stars Pierce Brosnan as “an unscrupulous cattle baron struggling to hold on to his empire and falling prey to the same forces that he once marshaled to make his own fortune.”

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