Season 1, Episode 10


The tribe faces an unexpected return; Eli's plan for the future forces Pete into a life-or-death decision about his loyalties.

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Full Recap

Sheriff Graham arrives at the smoldering ruins of Gilbert’s Saloon. Lewis tells the sheriff that he saw Pedro García’s men running from the fire. Eli arrives and declares war against Pedro, rallying an angry mob.

Pete races to the García household and calls out for Maria. Maria and Pedro meet him at the front door.

While Maria, Ana, Ignacio and Lourdes wait in the courtyard, Pete tells Pedro that Eli found oil on his land. Pedro emerges from his office and orders his staff to arm themselves. He tells his family that the Law & Order League is planning to attack. Pete urges them to flee, but Pedro refuses to leave their home.

Pete begs Maria to convince Pedro to flee. She refuses to run and asks Pete to stop the attack.

In 1850, young Eli runs into Ingrid on the outskirts of the Comanche camp. She lashes out at Eli once she realizes that he came to stay, not to rescue her.

Eli rides his horse into camp. Toshaway immediately greets him. “My son,” says Toshaway.

Eli approaches Prairie Flower outside her tipi. She explains that she had no choice in marrying Charges the Enemy and chases Eli away.

At a meeting of the elders, Toshaway declares that Charges lied to everyone about Eli. He proposes they recognize Eli as Comanche, since he left with nothing and returned with a horse and gun. The elders agree. Toshaway demands four horses from Charges in exchange for attacking his slave.

Eli complains to Toshaway about Charges’ light punishment and vows to kill Charges. Toshaway counsels him to accept Prairie Flower’s marriage and reminds him that Comanche do not hurt other Comanche. He gives Eli a gun for an upcoming hunting trip.

In the present, Pedro readies his guns and prepares to fight.

Eli and his men surround the García household. Pedro’s staff appears in the windows with guns. Maria, Ignacio, Ana and her baby hide in a bedroom.

Eli and Pedro meet in front of the house. Sheriff Graham orders Pedro to surrender, but Pedro denies burning down Gilbert’s Saloon. Pete emerges from the house and tells everyone that Eli burned down the saloon in a ruse to snatch Pedro’s land after finding oil on it. Niles accuses Pete of lying and reminds his men that their lives are in danger from the Sediciosos. One of Eli’s men pulls the trigger and shoots Pedro, wounding him. A shootout ensues.

Pete brings Pedro inside the house. Eli calls after Pete, then takes cover behind a tree.

Lourdes rushes to Pedro’s side. Pete goes to find Maria.

Maria, Ana and Ignacio huddle in the bedroom. Ignacio gets killed by a gunshot. Maria runs over to his body then turns around to see Ana dead on the floor. Maria cries and takes the baby.

Downstairs, Pedro cries as he cradles Lourdes, who is dead in his arms.

The Law & Order League blows open the front door with dynamite and enters the house.

Phineas helps Eli up. Eli asks if Pete is alive.

In 1850, young Eli watches Prairie Flower as he prepares to go hunting. She looks his way then averts her eyes.

The Comanche men ride off to hunt. A band of Rangers attacks the Comanche. Toshaway orders Eli to get the horses and find the rest of the group.

A Ranger finds Charges wounded in the woods. He shoots Charges and starts to scalp him. Eli shoots the Ranger. Charges apologizes to Eli for dishonoring him. As he dies, he gives Eli a leather pouch and says it will bestow him with “good medicine and many honorable victories.” Eli asks the Ranger why they attacked the Comanche. The Ranger explains that the Comanche are on their land. Eli scalps him.

Pedro shoots Sheriff Graham. Two men enter his office and shoot him dead.

Pete finds Maria in the bedroom closet clutching the baby. She realizes the baby is dead and places the baby in Ana’s arms. Pete sneaks out of the house with Maria.

Phineas finds Lewis vomiting in the woods. Lewis tells Phineas that they’re all going to hell for what they’ve done. Phineas shoots Lewis in the head then spots Pete and Maria climbing over a wall. Pete aims his gun at Phineas then runs off with Maria.

In Austin, Eli and Phineas tell Sally, Jeannie, Charles and Jonas about the shootout. Sally demands to know where Pete is. Jeannie says that it doesn’t matter. Eli assures them that they are searching for Pete.

Sally privately confronts Eli and Phineas and demands to know the truth about Pete’s whereabouts. She yells at Eli for destroying her family. Eli excuses himself. Phineas admits to Sally that he last saw Pete running for the border with Maria. Sally storms out.

Eli burns down the García household, along with all of Pedro’s property tax records.

Judge Kilbourne auctions off Pedro’s land. Eli and Phineas, who are the only bidders in the room, purchase the property.

Back at the Comanche camp, Eli preserves the Ranger’s scalp.

Jeannie lays flowers on Pedro’s grave and joins Eli as they gaze upon their new property.

Eli and Toshaway watch a massive wagon train cross the plain. Toshaway wonders when the settlers will stop coming. “They won’t,” says Eli.