Season 1, Episode 9

The Prophecy

Young Eli must trust a strange ally to survive; Eli's past guides him to a choice that puts him and Phineas at odds.

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Full Recap

Young Eli wakes up at the base of the cliff that Charges the Enemy pushed him from. His head is bleeding and his leg is injured.

Young Eli hobbles across the plain using sticks as crutches. He runs into a settler, Maggie, at her camp.

Eli stays with Maggie while his leg heals. Maggie explains that she parted ways with her wagon train after a disagreement with the elders. Eli starts to get up so that he can return to the Comanche, but Maggie shoves him back down.

In the present, Pete and Maria lie together in the grass. Pete tells Maria that he hasn’t felt this happy in a long time. He warns her that he has hurt many people.

Eli and Phineas return home. Eli admits to Phineas that he was shot by the daughter of the Apache boy from the village that he massacred. Believing the incident to be a sign, Eli calls off the oil scheme to take Pedro García’s land from him, and orders Phineas to recover the bribe from Judge Kilbourne. Phineas tries to dissuade Eli from changing his mind but Eli remains firm, even if it means losing the ranch.

Back in 1849, Maggie offers to read young Eli’s future. She stares into a hat and reveals that he will be a renowned warrior with a long, prosperous life. She declares that he will have three sons, and the youngest will be his favorite.

In the present, Pete returns to the ranch. Phineas updates him on Eli’s health.

Inside the house, Phineas asks Pete why he didn’t answer any of his phone calls. He encourages Pete to talk about his problems with Sally. Eli interrupts their conversation to propose a drink.

Eli, Pete and Phineas drink on the veranda. Eli announces to Pete that he’s decided to sell the ranch and move to north Texas. Phineas sits lost in thought.

Pedro pulls Maria aside and reminds her that the McCullough boys have killed many Mexicans. He cautions her against starting a relationship with Pete.

Young Eli begs Maggie to loan him a horse so that he can return to his Comanche camp. He promises to pay her back with three horses. She agrees.

While Eli sleeps, Maggie knocks him unconscious with chloroform.

Niles, Lewis and Sheriff Graham play cards at Gilbert’s Saloon. Lewis complains that Mexicans are taking over their town by working for lower wages than white men. Niles sympathizes.

Pete speaks to Jeannie on the phone and offers to bring her belongings to Austin. Not wanting Pete to discover the hidden oil jar, Jeannie insists that Pete leave her dollhouse at the ranch.

Eli leaves for a horse ride and declines Pete’s offer to join him.

Eli rides across his land and performs a Comanche ritual on himself and his horse. In the evening, he spots a trail of smoke in the distance.

Pete packs up Jeannie’s books and gazes at the dollhouse.

Eli arrives in town and discovers Gilbert’s Saloon on fire.

Young Eli wakes up in Maggie’s wagon and finds his hands bound. Maggie reveals her plan to cash in on a reward for white captives and then use the reward to pay her way back into her wagon train. Her words imply that she was banished after being accused of killing her husband.

Young Eli quietly frays his bonds on a wood plank. He later complains that the sun is bothering him. When Maggie stops to help, he knocks her aside and takes her horse, leaving her to die. She curses him and reveals a piece of the prophecy that she previously withheld: His oldest son will die young, his middle son will betray him, and his youngest son will abandon him after he performs a terrible deed.

Eli returns to the ranch and yells at Phineas for continuing with their plan despite his orders not to. Phineas admits he burned the saloon down and paid Lewis to be a witness, but insists that this is what Eli wants deep down. He accuses Eli of abandoning the scheme not out of principle, but out of fear of losing Pete.

Inside the house, Pete confronts Eli and Phineas with the jar of oil from Jeannie’s dollhouse. Eli admits that he found oil on Pedro’s land. He reveals his plot to tamper with Pedro’s tax records and convince the town that Pedro burned down Niles’s saloon.

Pete storms out of the house and strides toward his horse. Eli shoots the horse and begs Pete to stay. Pete instead rides off on Eli’s horse. Eli tells Phineas to bring a car and rifle.