Season 1, Episode 8

Honey Hunt

Prairie Flower is torn between love and duty; Pete grows closer to Maria; Eli brings Phineas in on a dangerous secret.

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Full Recap

After making love, Pete tells Maria that he and Sally are no longer together and asks her to stay. She reluctantly agrees to stay for dinner.

In 1850, Charges the Enemy returns to camp with the herd of horses that he and Eli discovered. Prairie Flower looks for Eli.

Charges tells Toshaway that Eli agreed to let him keep the horses on the condition that he let him escape. Toshaway accuses Charges of lying. Charges says Toshaway was too trusting of Eli.

In 1915, a madame seeks volunteers at her brothel to work an upcoming event that will be attended by Colonel Eli McCullough. Lena, one of the prostitutes, takes note at the mention of Eli and volunteers.

Phineas joins Eli at Judge Kilbourne’s annual quail shooting event. Eli shoots a target with an archer’s bow and keeps the bow for himself.

Eli introduces Phineas to Judge Kilbourne then privately tells Phineas that he found an oil seep on Pedro García’s land. He asks for Phineas’s help contesting Pedro’s land but insists they keep Pete out of it, anticipating that Pete’s feelings for Maria would hinder their goals.

While cooking dinner, Pete tells Maria that Sally and the children are going to live in Austin while he stays on the ranch. He admits he will miss the children but says they are safer in the city.

Prairie Flower asks Toshaway to look for Eli. Toshaway informs her that her father accepted the dowry payment from Charges, making her feelings for Eli a moot point.

Prairie Flower confronts Old Warrior about the dowry and declares that she wants to marry someone else. Old Warrior tells Prairie Flower that Eli is gone and that she must look after him and her mother as they get old.

Phineas shows Judge Kilbourne a picnic basket full of cash and asks him to help make it seem as though Pedro García hasn’t paid his land taxes in 10 years. Judge Kilbourne agrees to help for double the amount of cash. Phineas agrees.

Maria asks Pete if he was been with any other women before Sally. Pete insists he was faithful to Maria while they were dating. Maria reveals that she slept with many men in New York and shares that she cannot have children. She asks if that bothers Pete and he assures her that it doesn’t.

Ingrid points out to Prairie Flower the hypocrisy in wanting the freedom to choose her husband and yet she owns a slave. Ingrid advises Prairie Flower to think of Eli while Charges has sex with her.

Prairie Flower sneaks out of camp in the middle of the night to look for Eli.

Maria tells Pete that her husband in New York left her when she couldn’t give him a baby. She describes her impoverished conditions and said she had to pawn her wedding ring to travel back home. Pete insists he hated Eli for forcing him to marry Sally and wishes he could do it all over again. They kiss.

The prostitutes arrive for Judge Kilbourne’s “honey hunt,” during which prostitutes hide across the grounds and wait for men to find them.

Phineas and Eli stroll through the woods. Phineas informs Eli that Judge Kilbourne agreed to help their cause. They split up for the honey hunt.

Eli sits by a stream.

Phineas encounters a prostitute but gently turns her away. She is persistent and suggests he pretend she is someone else and proceeds to perform oral sex on him.

Lena approaches Eli by the stream and aims a gun at him. Eli realizes she is the daughter of the Apache boy who followed him after he killed the Apache village in 1881. He reminds Lena that her people killed his wife and son, but she shoots him and runs.

Eli cries for help. He sees coins in the stream and starts hoarding them. Young Eli appears and tells Eli that the world is better without him. He leads Eli toward a horse in the distance, but Phineas’s voice draws Eli back to the living.

Phineas sits by Eli and asks who shot him. Eli claims not to have seen the shooter. Phineas calls for help.

Charges tracks down Prairie Flower and warns that he will take his horses back and stop providing her parents with meat if she breaks the marriage agreement. He reminds her that she is the only thing of value that her father possesses. He starts to leave but she calls him back.

Charges brings Prairie Flower to Old Warrior and says that she came of her own will. Old Warrior thanks her.

Maria prepares to leave Pete’s house after making love again. Pete proposes they run away to Montana together. She refuses to run off with a married man and scolds him for proposing such a plan.

Pedro later visits Pete and accuses him of sleeping with Maria. He rebukes Pete for taking advantage of a grief-stricken widow and vows to shoot him if it happens again.

Prairie Flower and Charges get married in a Comanche ceremony.

In 1915, Eli is loaded onto a truck while lying in a stretcher. A doctor urges him to rest in order to avoid a lung collapse. As Eli and Phineas ride back home, Eli sees a vision of his young self watching from afar.