Season 1, Episode 7

Marriage Bond

Young Eli must navigate tribal politics; a crisis forces Pete and Sally into a decision that will change the family.

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Full Recap

On the phone, Sally tells Pete that Jonas is recovering and asks him to visit with Charles and Jeannie. Pete says he’s too busy repairing the house to travel to Austin. Sally angrily hangs up.

Employees at the McCullough Ranch give Pete their notice, saying it’s too dangerous to work at the ranch after Ramon’s murder. Pete is shocked by the news of Ramon’s death.

Pete goes to Charles’s room and asks where he was the previous night. Charles tears up.

Eli tells Pete they will provide for Ramon’s family and vows to eventually punish Niles. He suggests Charles leave town.

Pete drives to Austin with Jeannie and Charles.

In 1850, Ingrid sneaks away from the Comanche camp and slits her wrists. The Comanche run toward her as she falls unconscious.

Ingrid wakes up to find Eli dabbing her forehead with a cloth. She begs him to kill her, but he refuses. Prairie Flower sees them talking.

In town, Maria tears down flyers for a rally against the “Mexican Menace.” Niles confronts her with his men. She accuses him of killing Ramon. He threatens her for slandering his reputation in front of his friends.

Phineas notes Sally’s sullen mood at the Austin house. She admits she and Pete are not on good terms. Phineas tells her to get dressed for a night out.

In 1850, Prairie Flower explains to young Eli that Charges the Enemy gave Ingrid to her father as part of her dowry. She forbids Eli from speaking to Ingrid and says they have a better chance of being together if Ingrid dies.

In the woods, Toshaway gives Eli advice on how to woo Prairie Flower away from Charges. He suggests Eli bring some meat to Prairie Flower’s father.

Charges invites Prairie Flower to his tipi at night but she declines.

Ingrid tries to give Eli some food. He gruffly turns Ingrid away as soon as he sees Prairie Flower. Prairie Flower sits next to Eli and says her father appreciated his deer meat.

In 1915, Eli removes stacks of bills from a safe in his office and puts them in a picnic basket. He kisses a rag doll and places it in his vest.

Eli packs his car with a suitcase, the cash and some guns. Neptune asks where he’s going. “Securing the future of our household,” Eli says.

Sally laughs as she and Phineas leave a restaurant. She asks him to bring her somewhere he goes with his friends.

Phineas takes Sally to an underground gay club. Fred, the man who coordinated a business meeting between Eli, Phineas and a potential investor a few weeks back, introduces himself to Sally. She pretends she and Phineas are a married couple from New York.

As Sally and Phineas dance, Sally realizes that Fred is actually Phineas’s romantic partner. She speaks enviably of Phineas’s confidence, but Phineas says the club is the only place where he truly feels confident. Sally kisses Phineas, catching him off guard, and says she just wanted to see what it felt like to kiss someone other than Pete.

Ramon’s widow, Luisa, dines with Maria and Maria’s mother, Lourdes, and worries over her future. She calls Maria lucky to be beautiful enough to remarry. “For now,” says Lourdes.

Later, Lourdes tells Maria about a potential husband. Maria notes that the suitor is not young. “Neither are you,” says Lourdes.

Pete, Charles and Jeannie arrive at the Austin house and reunite with Jonas. Pete sends Jeannie and Jonas to bed, but tells Charles to stay behind in the parlor.

Charles tearfully tells Pete that he didn’t expect Niles to hang Ramon. Pete reprimands Charles but also empathizes with him. Sally and Phineas return home. Sally sees Charles crying.

After learning about Ramon’s death, Sally tells Pete that Charles should be punished. Pete points out that Charles already feels remorse, but Sally worries about Charles being surrounded by men who glorify violence.

Charles tells Phineas that Pete is ashamed of him. Phineas assures Charles that Pete is merely seeing himself in Charles. He explains that Eli used to enlist their help killing cattle thieves when they were mere children.

Sally tells Pete that he has changed. Lamenting his inability to rise above his family’s violent ways, Pete proposes that she and the children stay in Austin while he lives at the ranch.

Pete goes to Jeannie and Jonas’s room and hugs them tight. Phineas urges Pete to stay the night, but Pete immediately heads back to the ranch.

Pete arrives home and finds Eli gone. He tells the maid to take the day off so that he can be alone.

In 1850, young Eli hunts in the woods. Charges confronts him about his advances on Prairie Flower and forbids him from speaking to her again. He threatens to kill Eli and cut off Prairie Flower’s nose if Eli doesn’t comply. Eli whips out his knife. They hear a horse whinny and sneak over to a ledge where they find a herd of horses below. Charges pushes Eli over the edge of the cliff.

Maria visits Pete at home to say goodbye. She confesses that her husband is in fact not dead, despite what she’s been telling people. Pete kisses her. She pushes him away but then kisses him back. They make love.