Season 1, Episode 6

The Buffalo Hunter

Young Eli makes a choice with dangerous consequences; the McCulloughs deal with a tragedy; Jeannie wants to save the family.

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Full Recap

Pete delivers a eulogy at Sullivan’s funeral in which he recalls the time Sullivan saved him and Phineas in the Apache attack that killed their mother and brother. Overcome with emotion, he walks away.

Eli tells Pete to take some time away or do whatever he needs to et his “head “right” so that he can be a father to his kids and a leader at the ranch.

After the funeral, Jeannie asks Eli to tell her the story of how her grandmother died. Eli explains that Apaches raided their home in 1881 while he was away. He later hunted down and killed the Apaches.

At the wake, Maria checks in on Pete. Pedro interrupts, gives Pete his condolences and tells Maria they need to leave.

Niles pontificates to a group of men about Sullivan’s death and vows it should never happen again. Niles asks Charles to point out Ramon. Niles and Charles tell the men that Ramon, a farmhand at the McCullough ranch, led the Sediciosos to the house.

Charles orders Ramon to leave. Ramon explains that the Sediciosos had him at gunpoint and that he led them in circles until he encountered Eli and Jeannie that day. A fight breaks out, and Charles punches Ramon in the face. Pete orders Charles to apologize to Ramon in front of everyone.

A young Eli hears a gunshot while hunting buffalo. He spots a band of white hunters skinning a herd of buffalo.

Eli runs into the buffalo hunters’ camp and tells them he was captured by Comanche. A kind buffalo hunter invites Eli to join them. The Comanche ambush the camp, killing nearly everyone and taking the kind hunter captive. As they collect the horses and meat, a girl flees her tent. Charges the Enemy grabs her.

The Comanche bring the hunter and girl back to camp. Charges presents the girl to Prairie Flower’s father, Old Warrior, as a dowry. Old Warrior tells Prairie Flower that Charges would make a good husband.

Toshaway gives Eli an axe to reward him for finding the buffalo hunters and the meat that will sustain them through winter. Eli watches the Comanche torture the captive hunter.

Eli introduces himself to the girl, Ingrid. She explains that she and her family fled from the March Revolution in Germany, only for her parents to be killed by Apache. She says the buffalo hunters had rescued her from the Apaches in a trade and were about to set her free. Eli apologizes to her about what happened, and once the girl realizes Eli led the Comanche to the hunter’s camp, she screams at him to get away.

Pete visits Maria at the García ranch. They allude to their past romance, but Pete insists he’s merely visiting to thank her for convincing Pedro to rescue his family.

Eli and Jeannie ride out to find the oil seep. Eli helps Jeannie to remember the day the ranch got attacked so she can retrace her steps.

Jeannie tells Eli that she saw Pete put a man’s body in a truck and asks if they killed Cesar. Eli evades her question, but says the world is a dangerous place: She can either cower or make herself stronger.

A young Eli fixates on the hunter’s cries as the Comanche continue to torture him. Toshaway notes Eli’s concern.

Toshaway takes Eli for a walk and explains that the hunter lost his honor when he was caught, and that torture is a chance for him to regain his honor. Eli points out that the Comanche killed his family, even though they were innocent. Toshaway says Eli’s family stole land from the Comanche and should have expected to be killed. He accuses white people of thinking the world belongs to them.

Eli lies awake at night, listening to the hunter’s screams. Prairie Flower comes in to his tipi to make love. He asks how she feels about the torture. She tearfully tells him white people killed everyone in her camp when she was a girl, savagely executing her mother and baby brother. She says she’s glad the hunter is in pain.

Charles joins Niles at his saloon and complains about having to apologize to Ramon in front of everyone. Niles incites Charles to take action.

In the middle of the night, young Eli finds a snake by the river and kills it. He goes to the hunter and assures him the pain will soon be over. He squeezes venom from the snake’s mouth into the hunter’s mouth. The hunter dies.

The next morning, Charges scolds a Comanche for allowing the hunter to die under his watch. Toshaway looks at Eli.

A car approaches Ramon in front of his home at night. Charles jumps out and punches him. Niles and a team of men abduct Ramon.

Niles and his men hang Ramon from a noose in a tree. Charles reminds Niles that they were just going to scare Ramon, but Niles ignores him and orders Ramon to explain how he led the bandits to the McCullough house. Ramon swears he would never betray the McCulloughs. Charles begs Niles to let Ramon go, but Niles proceeds to hang Ramon. Charles sobs.

Charles, clearly shaken, returns home. Pete apologizes for scolding him at the wake then asks if Charles is alright. Charles assures Pete he’s fine and goes to his room.

Eli and Jeannie ride through the night and finally find the oil seep. Eli realizes they just discovered a wealth of oil, but laments that it’s in García territory.

The next day, Jeannie gazes at a bottle of oil collected from the seep and hides it in her doll house and smiles.