Season 1, Episode 4

Death Song

Young Eli faces a life-or-death test of survival in 1849. In 1915, the McCulloughs enact a dangerous plan to take the fight to their enemy.

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Full Recap

It’s 1849, four months into Eli’s captivity. Eli hunts buffalo with the Comanche. Texas Ranger Bigfoot Wallace spots the Comanche through a telescope.

The Comanche discover a field of dead, skinned buffalo. Bigfoot Wallace and his Rangers attack the Comanche.

In the present day, Maria approaches Pete in town and warns him that something bad is about to happen. She asks for his help stopping it.

Eli and Pete meet with Hiram Bates, a Texas Ranger, in Eli’s office. Pete tells Mr. Bates that the Sediciosos plan to derail a train using a cache of tools hidden by the river. He refuses to divulge his source. Mr. Bates tells them to form a posse.

Pete loads a gun in his bedroom. Sally tries to dissuade him from joining the posse but Pete says that, as Eli’s son, he does not have a choice.

Eli’s posse gathers outside the McCullough house. Charles, Pete’s son, rides up on his horse to join them. Pete orders him to stay behind.

The posse crosses Pedro García’s land. Niles Gilbert pontificates against Mexicans. Pete tells him to shut up.

In town, Jonas McCullough watches the García family mourn Cesar outside the church. Ignacio García spots Jonas and accuses his family of killing Cesar. Pedro apologizes to Sally for Ignacio’s outburst.

Pete aims his gun at an incoming horseman but realizes it’s Charles. He reprimands Charles and orders him to return home. Eli suggests that Charles stay with them, as it would be too dangerous to ride home at night.

The posse finds the Sediciosos’ stash of tools hidden by the river. Given the train is scheduled to pass through in the morning, Eli strategizes a plan of attack and proposes digging into a ridge nearby to hide and wait.

In 1849, Eli finds Escute hiding in the brush with a broken leg from his horse falling on top of him. Escute says he cannot feel his legs. Eli sees Bigfoot Wallace and his Rangers approaching and muffles Escute’s coughs.

Once the Rangers are gone, Eli helps Escute onto his horse. Escute refuses to leave his own dying horse behind. Eli speaks gently to Escute’s horse, then kills it with his knife.

Eli rides with Escute through the night, urging Escute to stay awake.

In the present day, Eli’s posse digs foxholes into the ridge.

At the posse’s camp site, Eli speaks privately with Pete and guesses that Maria was his source about the cache of tools. He asks if Pete is seeing her again. Pete denies it. Eli admits that if Pete hadn’t married Sally he probably would have ended up with Maria. Pete reminds Eli that he told him to marry Sally. Eli points out that Pete could have said no.

Niles jokes with the men in the posse. Charles laughs along. Neptune, an African American who works for Eli, sits down with the posse. The men watch as Niles and Neptune engage in a game of psychological warfare. Pete comes to tell Charles to feed the horses.

Pete warns Charles to stay away from Niles, who only joined the posse for a chance to kill Mexicans. Charles declares that he, too, wants to kill Mexicans. Pete scolds him and forbids him from joining the fight the next morning.

At home, Jonas asks Sally why Ignacio accused their family of killing Cesar. He wonders if Eli did something that they may not know about. Jeannie leaps to Eli’s defense.

Eli and Escute arrive back at camp, but Escute is already dead.

Toshaway thanks Eli for bringing Escute home, enabling Escute to enter the next world. He invites Eli to smoke and asks Eli to push Escute from his horse at the burial ceremony.

In the present, a Mexican woman wades across the river and signals the rest of the Sediciosos to follow. Pete grabs her and covers her mouth so she won’t scream. The posse ambushes Pizaña’s crew as they cross the river. Pete lets the woman go. After a brutal shootout, Pizaña tells the Sediciosos to pull back. Eli and the posse cheer. The woman shoots Sullivan in the head. Pete instantly reacts and shoots her dead, then reels with regret. Sullivan survives — the shot just nicked him.

A photographer takes a photo of Niles in front of the dead Sediciosos. Eli assures Pete that he did the right thing in shooting the woman. Pete argues that they’re starting a war and wonders if the world needs more people like them.

Eli and the posse celebrate at the McCullough household. Sally tries to comfort a sullen Pete. He takes his drink and walks off.