Season 1, Episode 3

Second Empire

Young Eli trains as a warrior, but makes enemies in 1849. In 1915, Eli and Phineas struggle to help the family in Austin while Pete faces his demons.

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Full Recap

Phineas briefs Eli on their upcoming meeting with potential investor William “Billy” Philpott in Austin. He encourages Eli to kiss up to Mr. Philpott, who fancies himself a “renegade.”

Fred Bernhauer meets Eli and Phineas at an Austin hotel to bring them to Mr. Philpott.

Over lunch, Mr. Philpott tells Eli that he will not invest due to Eli’s shaky finances and the unlikelihood of finding oil in the Rio Grande Valley. He admits the only reason he took the meeting was to meet Eli, the famous colonel. Eli fantasizes about scalping Mr. Philpott.

Jeannie snoops around the shed where Cesar was tortured and spots blood on the wall. Sally finds Jeannie in the shed and, upon seeing the blood, orders Jeannie to return to the house.

Maria approaches Pete in town and asks if he knows anything about Cesar’s disappearance. Pete denies any knowledge of Cesar’s whereabouts.

In the hotel lobby, Phineas implores Eli to sell off sections of land to the Midkiffs. Eli refuses to entertain the idea and storms off. Fred approaches and tells Phineas that he had nothing to do with Philpott’s actions. Phineas invites Fred to grab a drink.

Aniceto Pizaña, a Mexican rebel, crosses into Texas from Mexico with several of his men. They arrive at the García household, where they’re greeted by Maria and Ana. Pedro invites Pizaña into his office.

Pizaña tells Pedro that Cesar was separated from his crew on the night they attacked Eli’s oil rig. Pedro warns Pizaña against dragging Eli into their fight, worried it will put Cesar’s family at risk. Pizaña refuses to stop fighting and gives Pedro a wish list of supplies.

In 1849, Toshaway introduces Young Eli to Comanche warrior Escute and says they will teach him Comanche ways.

Eli watches as the Comanche practice horsemanship skills. Eli attempts to ride a horse but falls off. Everyone laughs.

Eli returns to camp after a hunting expedition with the Comanche men. He smiles at Prairie Flower. Her friends notice the flirtatious exchange and laugh at Prairie Flower. Prairie Flower hurls a tool at Eli.

Prairie Flower visits Eli’s tipi at night and tells him not to flirt with her in public. She says Charges the Enemy is planning to marry her after he pays a dowry and warns that he will kill Eli if he finds out about their relationship. They make love.

In the present day, Eli visits an old flame, Ingrid, at home while her husband is at work. They make love in her bedroom.

Sally tells Pete that Jeannie spotted blood in the shed and asks if he’s keeping any secrets from her. Pete denies anything and storms out.

Pete drinks whiskey on the lawn and asks Tom how many men he’s killed. He laments to Tom about killing two men. Tom tells Pete to go easy on himself but Pete strides to his truck and drives off. Sally watches from a window.

Prairie Flower leaves Eli’s tipi after a late-night tryst. Charges the Enemy watches her leave.

At a Comanche training session, Eli defends himself with a shield as Comanches shoot training arrows at him. Charges the Enemy shoots a real arrow at Eli, cutting his face. Eli tackles Charges the Enemy, who in turn throttles Eli. Toshaway breaks up the fight.

As Toshaway dresses Eli’s wound, Eli vows to kill Charges the Enemy. Toshaway advises him to abandon his pride, calling it foolish to attack a man who you cannot beat.

In bed, Eli tells Ingrid that he may have to sell the ranch and worries what legacy he will leave behind. Ingrid leaves to make some food. Eli gazes at a photograph of a girl on the bedside table and drifts to sleep.

In a dream, old Eli seeks advice from Toshaway. Toshaway advises that it’s more important to protect family than to worry about legacy.

Eli wakes up. Ingrid gives him some food and laments that she used to see Eli more than once or twice a year.

Eli leaves Ingrid’s home, after she wishes him well.

Maria sees Pizaña loading tools onto a wagon. She accuses Pedro of abetting Pizaña in plans that will ultimately kill people. Pedro insists he’s merely protecting his family.

At their house in Austin, Eli reluctantly tells Phineas to sell eight sections of land to the Midkiffs.

Racked with guilt, Pete goes to Cesar’s grave and starts digging up the body. Sally and Tom show up to stop him. Pete crumples in Sally’s arms and walks to the car with her. Tom picks up the shovel to move Cesar’s body to a different location.